Virtual Hosting: Basic

Do I have to change my Domain to get a new web host?

No, you do not. The internet is designed to allow this kind of movement. If you choose to change web hosts you change the DNS Name servers or the IP address the name is pointed at. This allows you to retain your current domain that you already own. Your register is the one that you typically contact to change the name servers your domain points to. Your host or another provider can handle the DNS changes to change what IP address it points to. This is also something that we can do for you for free.

How can I track how many hits or visitors I have had on my website?

There are several analytical tools out there that can show you this.  In the Virtual Hosting environment the Adminstration Control Panel has a stats page to make it easy to interpret.  There are also many other services that allow you to interpret those stats. Google offers more advanced tools to track almost everything on your website.  Please refer to them for additional support of their products if you use them.

How do I upload my site online?

The easiest way to upload your site is by using FTP.  FTP is a classic protocol used to upload files onto a server.  This is the easiest way to do it when you don't have command-line access to the server.  You will have to download an FTP Client in order to do this. FileZilla; by the Mozilla Foundation is one an excellent FTP Client.  It is free and open source.  You can use your domain name or server IP address along with your username and password to log into your site via FTP.

You can also use the file manager within the administration control panel to upload and manage files.

How long does a domain registration last?

Registrations for domains depends on the registar that is used to register your domain.  There are several out there that you can use or you can go through us to register your domain. Most will allow you to register a domain for an unspecified length as long as your willing to pay for that length of time.  The average is two years. The registration lasts for as long as your willing to pay the fees associated with registering a domain name.

I don't want my site down...ever. What should I do to guarantee this?

No one can provide 100% uptime.  We do monitor our equipment to provide the highest level of availability.  The best way to insure 100% availability is to have your site on multiple hosts or multiple servers, but this can cause adminstration problems in the long run.  You have a very slim chance of your site going down, but it might

I am using too much bandwidth! Is there any way I can use less?

There are many ways that you can use less bandwidth.  It can be something as simple as making sure your images are properly optimized for traffic.  One obvious way is to limit the amount of traffic to your website.  That is not a good thing if you want it to be popular.  You can also always upgrade your package.  You might want to look at a VPS or a Dedicated Server.

I have a fast internet connection (DSL/CABLE) - can I host my own site?

This is possible, but it might violate your Terms Of Service with your broadband current providor.  Most providers have a slower upload speed then download speed. This means that you might be able to download quickly, but uploading is very slow.  We have multiple providers coming into our hosting environment using Gigabit or larger connections.  You would also then have to administer the server your site was hosted on.

Is it easy to setup an e-commerce site?

If this is going to be a complex ecommerce site, it can take a lot of time to develop and adminster.  If this is a simple store with just a shopping cart it can be fairly easy to get going.  The most difficult part can be making sure your site is secure so you can take orders online.  There are several types of software packages that can help you in getting this going.  We also offer support to help setup a site for you.

What are PHP, ASP, Perl, etc?

These languages are called interpreted languages.  They are mainly used to script things to help in building a website or for server administration.  PHP is one of the most popular languages powering some of the popular sites on the internet.  It is used, as with ASP, mainly to help create database driven websites.  They allow you to create something that is dynamic and not a static HTML webpage.  Perl can be used in a similar fashion, but has many more capabilities than just creating websites.

What are subdomains?

Subdomains are a way to separate either areas of your website or to point to different servers.  Rather than trying to access server via their IP address it is easier to give it a DNS entry.  Instead of having an individual domain name for each server you give them a subdomain.  The subdomain would be something like  This can be used as a way to separate out different services offered.  If you look at your mail configuration it might point to  mail is a subdomain of  Or, you can use it to point to different parts of your site.  You can run a blog off of so people don't have to go to

What do I need to do to put Flash onto my website?

If your wanting to put flash onto your website you have to upload the .swf file that you created.  Then embed it into your HTML page.  Flash is an easy technology to implement into your website.  There are many levels of putting it onto your website from adding a simple animation to a complex form.  One way to include Flash into your website is to embed the swf into the HTML page itself.  You can use code similar to this to do so:

  • <embed
  • sc="mediaplayer.swf"
  • width="300"
  • height="300"
  • allowscriptaccess="always"
  • allowfullscreen="true"/>

This assumes that the swf is in the same directory as the HTML file.  If it is not, you can just add the directory in front of the .swf file.  There are many options to include flash in your website.  You can refer to this link to get more info

What exactly is space and bandwidth/data transfer?

Space - the actual amount of disk space available for you to use.  If you are on a 10GB plan, that means you have 10GB's of disk space to use for your website or files.  Once you reach that level you cannot store any more files on the server until you free up some space.

Bandiwdth/Data Transfer - The amount of Data you are allowed to transfer through the network.  This is the amount of data that is sent to and from the server.  If you upload and download 1GB worth of data a month you have essentialy sent and recieved 1GB worth of data.  This can either be visitors coming to your website or people downloading and uploading files to your server.

What is Domain Parking?

Some people like to registar multiple domains for themselves to hold onto for possible later use.  It does not mean they are actively using them.  Domain Parking allows you to buy a domain and hold onto it without being forced to use it.  Usually it will just go to your main website if someone types it in.  Some people use it for nefarious purposes, but for the most part people use it to register a domain so they don't lose it.  With the amount of domains registered everyday, its easy to lose a domain you may have wanted.

What is MySQL and MS SQL?

MySQL and MS SQL are referred to as Relational Databases.  They can store and hold data like text, images, etc.  This data can then be accessed by a scripting language(See: What are PHP, ASP, Perl, etc?) to display it on a webpage.  When you go to your bank online they are grabbing all of that information out of a database to display it for you.  All you see is an HTML page, but there is a lot of programming that gets that information to display.  These are just a couple of type of databases available on the market.  MySQL is popular because it can be downloaded and used for free .  It is part of what is commonly reffered to as a LAMP system MS SQL is a product produced by Microsoft.  It has a license fee associated with it.  This mean you have to purchase or lease it from Micrsoft in order to use it.

What is the difference between UNIX and Windows Hosting?

UNIX and Windows are two different types of Operating systems.  UNIX comes in what referred to as different flavors.  Since there are different operating systems based on UNIX underpinnings.  Linux, FreeBSD, and Solaris are all different types of UNIX.  Windows is a Microsft Windows environment generally runninge IIS.  They both have their pros and cons.  We use a UNIX based environment to do our Shared Virtual Hosting.  This is because of security and the ability to adminsiter it easily.  Windows is a very viable environment if you are going to do ASP development.

What is Virtual(Shared) Hosting?

Virtual Hosting is where several website share a single server.  The advantages of this allow a webhost to offer affordable hosting for customers.  That way people who don't need custom software or a high traffic website can still gain an online presence.  By sharing it with several users we can provide this at a low cost.  If you have a high traffic website this is not an option for you.  You'll need either a Dedicated Hosting Plan; or a Virtual Private Server.

What is Web Hosting?

Having a web host gives you space on someone's server to host a website or store files online.  Most people choose a webhost when it is not viable for them to host their own server.  It can be expensive to run and manage a server for personal or business use.  If you don't have the budget to pay for a full time adminstrator, a webhost is your best option.  We can help maintain a web presence on a very high-speed connection without the additional cost of doing it on your own.

Why don't I just go with the cheapest hosting?

Support.  This is what you pay for.  When something goes wrong do you want the cheapest or the best person on the other end dealing with your problem.  If your building a house you might not hire the most expensive person, but you also don't want to hire the cheapest either.  We are there for you when you need help.  We also have the knowledge that you don't get with cheaper hosts.  The people you talk to are techs full-time.  They are not just someone on the phone.  The have deep working knowledge of what is actually going on with the server and the operating system.

Why would I need a dedicated IP?

In a shared hosting environment the server has a single IP already allocated to that.  If you are running an ecommerce site you will generally need an SSL ceritificate.  This is needed to help verify the identity of the store.  When people share a single IP there is no way to determine who is the actual owner of the certificate.  The certificate signing authority will not be able verify who is who.  When you are dealing with servers or a VPS they all come with one unique IP.

Will there be forced Advertising on my site - things like banner or pop-up ads?

No, Since this is a service that you pay for we do not force any type of advertising on you.  You pay us a fee to host your website.  This is how we make our money.  You can add advertising to your site if you wish to generate revenue for yourself.