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Sponsored Organizations

Community Action

Fibernet is an avid supporter of such organizations that enhance, beautify, protect, and enlighten the community, which is why we proudly sponsor the following groups:

SCERA is dedicated to fostering greater appreciation for the arts through its active participation in and promotion of wholesome and affordable cultural events and entertainment. Productions at the SCERA Shell Outdoor Theater and the SCERA Center for the Arts have captivated audiences for almost eighty years as they have held true to their goal to "enrich the mind, touch the soul, and unify the family."
Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce
The Utah Valley Chamber, formerly the Provo/Orem Chamber, recently broadened its efforts to unite more Utah companies in accomplishing a universal goal: to enhance Utah business as a whole through positive collaboration and interaction. The Chamber is devoted to the civic and commercial progress of the community and facilitates ongoing events, programs, and specialized forums in which businessmen and women can gather to network and exchange ideas.
Summit County Search and Rescue
The Summit County Search and Rescue team is comprised of over 60 trained volunteers, all of whom are average citizens with everyday jobs and lives, but are committed to performing above-average feats whenever the need arises.
Alpine School District PTA
The motto of the Alpine School District speaks volumes of its key goals and principles: "Educating all students to ensure the future of our democracy." The PTA strives to prepare each student in our community to play active roles in society as United States citizens by providing meaningful and challenging educational opportunities from Kindergarten to graduation.
Utah Bass Federation
The Utah Bass Federation was founded by avid bass anglers seeking to promote a love of the outdoors in our youth and to conserve the quality of our streams, lakes, and rivers.
Community Emergency Response Team
CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) is a community awareness effort that is focused on educating the public on disaster response and emergency preparedness. This critical organization offers invaluable training to citizens across the nation, understanding that in times of emergency, proper training and preparedness among citizens will save lives, protect property, and ultimately effect a more efficient recovery.
National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC)
Founded in 1984 by President Ronald Reagan and the Missing Children's Assistance Act, NCMEC was established in response to a tragic string of child abductions and homicides during the 1980s. At the time there was no organized task force or response procedure devoted to the recovery of missing children, but the NCMEC changed that. Now the NCMEC is almost 30 years old and more missing children are successfully recovered than ever before with a current success rate of 96% (up from 62% in 1990).
The CyberTipline is an online reporting tool created by the NCMEC in 1998, which serves as a resource for both citizens and the law enforcement to report and act on leads about child sexual exploitation. To date, the CyberTipline has facilitated well over a million leads and orchestrated the arrest of hundreds of child predators.
As an Electronic Service Provider (ESP), Fibernet is quick to report signs of child exploitation on our servers. Visit the CyberTipline website to be an active defender of children everywhere.
Timpanogos Storytelling Festival
The first Timpanogos Storytelling Festival was organized in 1990 after Karen Ashton, President of the Friends of the Orem Public Library, attended Tennessee's National Storytelling Festival in search of inspiration. Impressed as much by the overwhelming community participation as by the creativity and talent of the performers, Mrs. Ashton immediately saw the opportunity to bring the same excitement and culture to Utah. Today the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival is lauded as the premier storytelling festival of the West.
Family Watch International
Founded by activist Sharon Slater, Family Watch International was organized as a “pro-family” group committed to promoting and defending its ideology on the family and family values on a global scale. Mrs. Slater authored the book Stand for the Family and writes a biweekly column for “The Family Watch” newsletter, which is distributed to readers in over 100 countries.


Fibernet has always valued the opportunity to sponsor a large and growing variety of charitable
institutions, fully appreciating the overwhelming impact of such efforts on the lives of our fellow man.

United Way of Utah County
The primary mission of United Way is to make the world a better place today and tomorrow than it was yesterday, one community at a time. That's a tall order to fill and United Way of Utah County knows that the only way it can be accomplished is to "LIVE UNITED" with a common goal in sight.
Sub for Santa
Organized and directed by United Way, the Sub for Santa program is one that inspires and uplifts all who participate. Though the goal is simple: to provide Christmas gifts to low-income families, there are few causes more worthy than the ones that ultimately bring smiles to the faces of children in need across the globe.
Community Action Services/Food Bank
Community Action Services (CAS) specializes in coordinating venues in which everyday people can give back to their community by donating food, clothing, and other necessity items that so many of us take for granted. This organization, as with United Way and other service-oriented programs, was founded on the principles of goodwill and charity. The ultimate goal is to help those who, at any point in their lives, have lost the ability to help themselves.
Great Strides
Sponsored by the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Great Strides is a national fundraising event that brings tens of thousands of individuals together each year to walk for a united cause: finding a cure for Cystic Fibrosis. Last year, nearly $35 million was raised on behalf of imperative CF research and treatment programs, bringing CF patients and their families that much closer to a cure for a disease that is afflicting about 30,000 children and adults nationwide.
Habitat for Humanity in Summit & Wasatch Counties
Building an average of one house every 21 minutes, Habitat for Humanity International (HFHI) is hard at work providing shelter for those in need in over 100 countries. Habitat for Humanity of Summit & Wasatch Counties is an independently organized affiliate of HFHI and has been in operation since 1995. It has, to date, constructed at least 10 homes in the area.
Kids on the Move
Kids on the Move (KotM) has a long and touching history, beginning with two mothers of Down syndrome children who gave themselves the task of creating a high quality support system for other families with disabled and learning impaired children. Their current facility, constructed in September of 2003, has a staff of over 65 members and serves over 1,000 families in the Utah County area.
Builders without Borders of Utah
Four years ago, a few Utah families saw the need to establish a charitable organization that not only built structurally-sound homes for impoverished families in Mexico, but would also facilitate micro-industry and educational workshops. The result was Builders Without Borders of Utah, a non-profit organization that takes 100% of all donated funds and puts it directly toward the construction of new, quality homes for people in need.
Lost Paws
Lost Paws, Inc. can be described as an animal adoption agency rather than a shelter. A great deal of care is taken in pairing homeless cats and dogs with their ideal owners, or-as Lost Paws likes to call them-their "rescue partners." Because Lost Paws is a 100% non-profit organization, it relies heavily on the generous donations of adopters and other compassionate parties to continue its life-saving work.
Utah Hemophilia
The Utah Hemophilia Foundation (UHF) is dedicated to enriching the lives of individuals and families dealing with bleeding disorders. Through a broad and growing network of outreach and support, UHF provides patients with hemophilia and other types of bleeding disorders the resources they need to lead safer, healthier lives.
Menlo Park Family History Center
The Menlo Park Family History Center (MPFHC) is a California-based genealogy center sponsored by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. MPFHC is devoted to helping everyday people forge links to their past.
Hope Projects
Serving upwards of 160 villages in the high Andes and the Amazon Basin, Hope Projects benefits more than 530,000 people. The organization educates and empowers these villages by supplying much-needed building materials for schools, irrigation, medical clinics, and more. Hope Projects, founded by Dr. Jerry Simon in 1999, organizes yearly expeditions to the Amazon and Peru that are run and funded solely by volunteers. All donated funds are allocated directly to construction materials and other necessary forms of assistance. Overhead costs are paid for by administrators and volunteers.

business development

As an active participant in the business community, Fibernet supports those programs that stimulate the growth and development of Utah business in all its stages.

Funding Universe
The chief purpose of Funding Universe is to assist businesses of all sizes in acquiring the funds they need to accomplish their goals. By creating a vast network of entrepreneurs and investors, Funding Universe provides the opportunity and the setting for the two to come together.
The Utah Valley Entrepreneurial Forum (UVEF) is a volunteer-based, non-profit support group that has been around for 20 years, connecting current and future business leaders with the resources and networks that will help them forge their different roads to success.
Corporate Alliance
Corporate Alliance is a membership-based program that offers a spectrum of relationship-building solutions for business owners and corporate executives alike. Whether your goals are to form a partnership, attract more clients, or just interact with like-minded professionals, Corporate Alliance has the platforms to handle all the introductions.
Wayne Brown Institute
For close to three decades, the Wayne Brown Institute (WBI), a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization, has been a premier resource for both entrepreneurs seeking funding and for investors who want to help promising young companies achieve their potential. WBI has become the most efficient, cost-effective, economic development organization in the country.