The a la carte menu isn't for everyone, so before you shop, consider what your current SEO campaign is missing. If your answer is everything, talk to us about which package would be right for your goals. A dedicated SEO strategist can help you determine the best route for your website.

If your campaign is well underway, however, you may be looking for just the right pieces to bring it all together. Let us know which of these a la carte services we can fulfill for you.

Guest Posting: $100/post

We will write custom, unique, and content-rich guest posts pertaining to your site, and promote them on other websites in your same niche. This provides a one-way backlink to your website, which is currently the most valuable type of backlink out there. You will also receive the added benefit of having your content and site in front of hundreds of new potential visitors.


Blog Writing: $75/post

One of the most important things you can do to help your rankings is to have fresh, regular content. We have an in-house team focused directly on your website, ensuring that you are getting the best keyword-rich and relevant posts possible.


Google Maps Optimization: $100

This service is essential for businesses looking to tap into their local markets. Make it easy for your prospective customers to find your store by providing detailed, step-by-step directions via Google Maps. This service ties your physical location to Google Maps and optimizes your presence with images and additional information to make your establishment stand out even further from the competition.


Press Release: $750

We will create a news-worthy press release to drum up some buzz about your business in the PR world. Whether you're launching a new product or just wanting to draw some more attention to your page, we will write a piece that makes you shine - and report on it too!