3 Excuses Your Boss Can’t Make About Cyber Security

Nobody likes to be wrong. Nobody likes to be left hanging, either. If you’re trying to convince your boss that you need cyber security, and he isn’t hearing it, we understand. October is Cyber Security Awareness Month. Make him aware by taking away these 3 common excuses.


Christmas is my favorite holiday, partly because the holiday season stretches out for so long. It’s like the celebrations last a month instead of a day. December is just a great time of year. So is October, which happens to be Cyber Security Awareness Month. I know, it’s probably not worthy of decorations and eggnog and that Black Friday TV that you got as a Christmas present to yourself last year (don’t deny it). Maybe it’s worth a few truffles though.

In all honesty, Cyber Security Awareness Month is underappreciated. I mean, if there is one thing that people should be aware of, it is cyber security. If it was more of a priority, the world might have saved itself billions of dollars this year alone, not to mention 143 million now-stolen Social Security numbers. You know who really needs to learn about this month? The SEC.

Beyond the WannaCry and Petya ransomware attacks, beyond the Equifax breach, there is a core principle that hurts everyone, from individuals to SMBs to mega-corporations. Apathy. It’s the ultimate holiday party pooper, as in, you will be too bankrupt to afford a holiday party if you are apathetic about cyber security. So why don’t people care? Why don’t they see how important it is? Here is a list of 3 common excuses people make about not needing cyber security:

The Value

“It’s too expensive”. SMBs can’t fathom spending $5,000 a month, or $60,000 a year on a service that isn’t tangible to them. If you don’t fully understand what your services do for you, it might seem like you are throwing your profits out the window. The short answer to refuting this excuse is helping executives understand better the products worth purchasing. Fibernet offers potential customers a personalized demo, fully integrated into their system, so they can see for themselves what goes on to protect them, day and night.


The Upfront Cost

Like we mentioned before, cyber security can cost a lot of money. I don’t think every company needs to spend thousands of dollars every month, but it’s going to be more than Netflix cost you. Some companies just don’t have serious funds they are willing to invest right now. They are trying to just get by first. The truth of the matter is that you might not be able to get by for much longer without it. Here we have some products that can really benefit your company, and are very affordable. As you see how cyber security benefits you, you can gradually build a robust shield against cyber crime. Check them out here.


The Doubt

Read the next part in a sarcastic voice. “Yeah, right. That is definitely going to happen to me.” Sometimes it feels like you won’t be a target, like you aren’t at risk, or like it only happens to big companies, and not to yours. Actually, it probably will, and probably sooner than you think. 60% of all adults have had their social media accounts hacked. Of the 28 million SMBs in the U.S., 14 million have been hacked in the past 12 months (if you don’t want to do the math, that’s 50% AKA HALF OF THEM). If you don’t think you’ll be hacked, think again.


Cyber security is necessary for all businesses. It’s not just the next big thing, the new trend, or the winner of PopSci’s Best of What’s New award. It’s imperative that you get at least some form of cyber security service for your company, today.

If you’re interested in what Fibernet has to offer (hint: it’s a lot), check out our Managed Cyber Services page, or give us a call today to get a free Vulnerability Scan or other demo at 800.305.6995.