These 3 Security Features Beat All Shared Competitors

If you are a shared hosting provider looking to find the best platform for your server, check out CloudLinux. It has an array of safety features that are geared towards robust cyber security and profitability. Read more here!

Shared hosting is one of the best ways to get started on the internet, whether you’re starting out with a personal blog or a small business website, you can’t beat the value. It’s generally easy to use, and won’t break the bank, even if you don’t really make any money (yet).

If you’re a shared hosting provider, it doesn’t always seem that simple. You don’t have to be a wizard to find hundreds of stories of shared customers getting hacked by others using their same server. How do you mitigate this? If you’re a provider, look no further than CloudLinux, your secure new platform for shared hosting.

CloudLinux makes it easy to secure your customer’s data while providing them a customizable, high-performance product. It also makes your servers very profitable, thanks to its efficiency tools. Check out three of its great security features here:


CageFS is CloudLinux’s proprietary method of encapsulation. It prevents your shared customers from seeing each other’s data, especially protecting sensitive information. With CageFS, users can only access files that are secure, and cannot detect other users or even their names on the server. Apache config files? Hidden forever. Unique processing file system? Comes in the bag.CageFS allows you to remove each user’s access to ALL SUID scripts. All this and more can be done without adjusting to user’s scripts. In fact, the user should not feel restricted at all!


PHP represents more than 80% of all server-side scripts. That means a lot of your customers are going to be using it. They probably won’t all be using the same version, either. There are a lot of versions of PHP, and unfortunately, each version has a lot of flaws. HardenedPHP takes care of those flaws, patching vulnerabilities and securing older versions, even unsupported ones. 8 versions of PHP are supported, from 4.4 to 7.0. The PHP community created a lot of patches, but they left a lot of holes. HardenedPHP goes deeper and ensures the safety of your users and your server.


This works on a kernel-level to bring you the best in security technology. It works to prevent all known symbolic link (symlink) attacks, further enhancing the cyber security of the shared server. It works hand in hand with CageFS to provide a broad spectrum of security layers for you and your customers. CageFS works to prevent attacks from foreign users, but can’t always protect from symlink attacks. SecureLinks works to prevent every single known symlink attack. It works by preventing malicious users from creating symlinks and hardlinks to files they do not own.


CloudLinux is the best OS platform for shared hosting, period. Its customization abilities and security features are industry leaders. Server stability is a given, and you get more density and efficiency than ever before. This, of course, means more profitability. Sound’s like a win-win situation to me. If you’re interested in more of CloudLinux’s features, like RubySelector or MySQLGovernor, check out its product page here.