3 Zinger Jobs That Need To Know About Cyber Security

Cyber security is for everyone. No matter your job title, you should be aware of what’s going on and how you can help your company stay on top of it’s game. Here are 3 key job roles at your company that should be especially aware. Check them out!

Cyber security is a volatile business. It’s always changing, and always improving. 10 years ago, there was no cyber security industry. Now, it’s the fastest growing in the world. Imagine where it will be in 10 years from now? Regardless of what happens, businesses need to make sure they stay on top of the changes, or risk being left in the dust (or much worse).

Actually, it appears like there is some real catching up to do. A new survey of businesses conducted by Nexia International and CohnReznick LLP stated that “Only 39 percent of organizations consider cybersecurity among its top concerns. Fifty percent solidly place the topic in the “moderate concerns” pile, and the rest aren’t that concerned.” Here are a few people in your company that need to make sure they are aware of the new changes.


Accountants have long been known as the consultants and advisors of the business world, but as cyber security grows, so has the need for more specific and technical security expertise. In fact, Accountingtoday.com stated, “As advisors to industry, accountants should be making it their business to educate their clients about this risk. Doing so could be the difference between a small business’ success or failure.” It is critical for companies to not only focus on the profitability of their company, but also on the security.

Ransomware, one of the most shocking and scary words of they year, made an impact on millions of companies, and cost the world billions of dollars, just this year. If that isn’t enough to catch your attention, it’s definitely enough to catch your competitors, and potential hackers. Accountants need to be aware of the impacts cyber security has and will have on the companies they work for, and the issues that need to be addressed today.

CEOs and Executives

Cyber security is much more than just a firewall, or antivirus. As a CEO, you can’t just expect your tech guys to keep the office desktops safe and leave the office early for a round of golf. If the executives of a company aren’t concerned about cyber security, no one can get a lot done. Yes, Cyber security costs money, and yes, so do company Christmas parties. You can’t decide that the fate of your entire company is less important than going all out for your office holiday celebration. Some things are mission critical, and cyber security should be on the top of the list.

If your boss/CEO/CXO isn’t too keen on the idea of beefing up your company’s security, check out this post for a few ideas on how to pitch it to him or her. It’s never a bad idea to be an advocate for something that’s proven to be the next big thing (and it’s going to save your company from hacking and bankruptcy).


What’s your job title? CEO? SVP? Assistant Janitor? It doesn’t actually matter who you are in the company, you can and should be a driving force for security. Whether you are a Sensei or just a ninja in training, you should try and learn the ins and outs of your position’s role in good cyber security for your company.

If you are part of the marketing team, you can ensure that your social media is HIPAA compliant. If you’re a part of Accounts Payable, make sure you are SSAE18 compliant. If you are in HR, look for new hires who are serious about keeping your company safe. Even if your job is to keep the coffee machine running, you can stay on the lookout for phishing and scam emails.If you’re the newsletter writer, tell everyone at the company to learn more about how they can ensure the safety of the company. Everyone has a role to play. Don’t let your company get left behind.