5 Cyber Security Questions You Need to Answer

The Cyber Security Leadership Council has a series of Roundtable events, and the latest in Provo shed some light on 5 important questions. Get the answers here!

The Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce recently held a “Cyber Security Business Roundtable” this past week, gathering professionals to discuss how better cyber security can help your business and benefit everyone in Utah. It was held at the Utah County Health and Justice Building in Provo.

The Roundtable was in partnership with the Salt Lake Chamber, who earlier this year created the Cyber Security Leadership Council. Since it’s creation in August, they have held a few meetings and tried to educate the public during Cyber Security Awareness Month (October). Here is the event description:

“Adept cybersecurity professionals from the Salt Lake Chamber’s Cybersecurity Leadership Council have developed a curriculum of powerful, achievable solutions that can benefit your business. In an increasingly technological economy, digital threats are becoming more sophisticated and frequent. Managing this business risk may be intimidating, yet it is absolutely essential to continued growth and success. This forum is the perfect starting point on your road to becoming cybersecure!”

The panel consisted of a few cyber security experts from the community, including Sean England, Moreton & Company; Logan Sisam, Utah Department of Emergency Mangement; Larry Finch, Competitive Edge Office Systems; Rona Rahlf,  President, Utah Valley Chamber; and Mark Poole, Manufacturing Extension Program Center.

These panel members answered 5 questions, using their insights to educate attendees. Here is what they had to say.

  1. Have you considered your liability?

Risk management is so important. Sean England talked about the importance of team responsibility. It is critical for everyone, including executives to be informed about the risks of the industry. “Unrecognized risk is still risk” he stated in his presentation. Compliance with laws, including PCI and HIPAA, are mandatory and critical to the success of any company.

  1. Have you set yourself up for success by selecting cyber safe settings?

Larry Finch is an expert in office infrastructure, including printers, copiers, and content management systems. He presented the facts on success in the workplace with settings that ensure cyber security at the office.

  1. Is your business as competitive as it could be?

Like I mentioned on this blog earlier this year, the MEP Center at the University of Utah has a program to help manufacturers and “non-federal entities comply with the new DoD security requirements. Mark Poole from the MEP Center talked about how all businesses can benefit from a review of the NIST framework and can help them get an edge on the competition.

  1. How can you encourage secure data storage within your company?

Pat Lynch of Perpetual Storage discussed the hurdles to managing a cost-effective yet secure data storage system. He mostly promoted his company but brought a few key points to the table. He said you need to constantly audit and test to find flaws and what might the cause of a future hack or security breach.

  1. Does your company need cyber security?

YES! That was the resounding answer from all panel members. Whether you are a manufacturer or a snow cone shack, cyber security is mission-critical for everyone. Industry Regulation Compliance (MEP, HIPAA, PCI), customer security and satisfaction, and personal and employee data security are just a few of the reasons for protected PoS (Point of Sale) systems, strong passwords, and secure records.

Another was also held yesterday in Logan, at the Bridgerland Technology College. Future events will come up and will be available for registration on the Salt Lake Chamber website. Tips and answers on how to be cyber secure in today’s world, check out this blog for daily updates!