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7 Easy Steps to A/B Test Your Website

Businesses should always strive to make improvements on their websites, but constantly looking for ways to upgrade your website can be exhausting, even discouraging. The reality is, however, that a website that attracts visitors, and keeps those visitors engaged, will make more money. The difficulty comes when you are deciding exactly what changes are legitimate

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10 Things to Do Over the Summer in Utah County That Will Help You Get a Job

Many students graduating from college find themselves in a conundrum: businesses don’t want to hire them without experience, yet they can’t afford to take an unpaid internship to gain that necessary experience. Some of them may have been working so hard just to keep grades up and pay for college while they were enrolled that

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How to Use G+, G+ Local, Google Places, and Google Maps to Boost Your Local Business

Small businesses know that local SEO is the best way to attract customers online. But it gets tricky from there, especially with so many experts and consultants recommending different methods. One of the most confusing aspects is that of Google. This comes as no surprise – Google has their fingers in every pie, and distinguishing the

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10 Steps to Help Your Business Dominate Customer Service on Social Media

In the age of social media, customers have now become more comfortable sending their complaints through a tweet or Facebook message than directly contacting your business. This phenomenon is happening both on a large scale and a small one, from corporations to your local business. And it’s fairly easy to see why: customers would rather

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