BlueHost, HostMonster, and HostGator Down, Customers Suffer from Lack of Reliability

On Friday, August 2, 2013, the data center of Endurance International Group located in Provo, Utah, experienced technical difficulties resulting in many of their customers’ websites going down. Endurance International Group is the parent company of hosting providers BlueHost, HostMonster, HostGator, and JustHost.

COO Ron DeSalvia attributed the problem to a hardware failure. For Endurance International Group customers, the consequences of this data center outage are a loss of customer satisfaction as well as earnings. speculates, “With thousands of clients complaining about lost revenue, it is safe to assume that millions are lost by the hour.”

Although system failures are not unheard of for data centers, it is unusual to come across one that lasts for hours rather than minutes. One reason why Endurance International Group had difficulties could be explained by a recent Zerto study, which found that 7% of companies do not have a disaster recovery plan. In the same study, 83% of companies admitted that they had experienced a data center outage within the past year (2013).

With customers still experiencing problems, Endurance International Group’s technical difficulties have become a cautionary tale for clients and hosting companies alike. In order to prevent extended outages and improve reliability, data centers must have a disaster recovery plan that includes business continuity and customer service response. For customers, the need for a dependable hosting company has become a greater priority than simply locating the lowest price on the Internet.

Fibernet Corp’s ORM1 facility, located nearby Endurance International Group’s data center in Orem, Utah, is manned by executive and technical employees working together on-site to deliver the highest standard of reliability, responsiveness, and  customer service. Comparatively, Endurance International Group’s administrative staff is located in Burlington, Massachusetts.

Fibernet Corp is a recognized leader in cloud computing, dedicated hosting, and professional virtual hosting. Due to precautions and on-site replacement parts that go beyond colocation industry standards, Fibernet Corp has never had a catastrophic downtime event that affected all of its customers. While other data centers promise reliability and appropriate uptime a majority of the time, Fibernet Corp ensures it 100% through use of contingency plans and dense redundancy.

Customers disappointed in Endurance International Group’s lack of reliability will find more dependability in Fibernet Corp’s data center. If you’ve lost thousands of dollars, it’s time to pay more than $5 a month for your website. Switch to Fibernet Corp and you’ll find that your investment will be well worth it.


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