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Fibernet Technical Services

The Fibernet Technical Services Department -otherwise known as Support – serves as an umbrella of the Fibernet corporate structure. This means that the Technical Services Department is a composed of several smaller departments that cover the various sections of services, products, and responsibilities we oversee. A brief list of responsibilities for the Fibernet Technical Services

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Fibernet Offers Free Hosting to DevMountain Graduates

Last night, Thursday December 4th, Fibernet’s sales team was thrilled to participate in DevMountain’s Fall 2014 Demo Night, held in downtown Salt Lake City. The event showcased the skills and accomplishments of the graduates of DevMountain’s most recent twelve-week-long coding course, providing their introduction to the community and companies who are seeking professionals with their

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OverWatch Debuted at The Startup Dojo This Week

The Startup Dojo is a co-working space for progressive-thinking startups to converge and do business. Every other week, they host a luncheon to showcase relevant technologies or strategies in the area to give professionals the chance to network and learn more about their available business-building options. This week our CEO, Lane Livingston, got the chance

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Pinterest as a Conversion Tool—How to Harness its Power

If you’ve been prepping to launch a Pinterest strategy for your business, now’s the perfect time to get on board. Eighteen months ago, when Pinterest first introduced business accounts, organizations just like yours finally got the chance to harness the incredibly addictive (and lucrative) power of Pinterest for their bottom line. Over that time period,

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