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Google Fiber is Coming to Provo – What You Need to Know

In May of 2013, Mayor John Curtis and the City of Provo made an exciting announcement: Google Fiber bought the outdated iProvo fiber-optic network. Provo will be the third city for which Google Fiber has provided access to free, fast Internet, but the first to already have a fiber-optic network in place. Work on updating

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Can Employers Afford to Turn Away Applicants Because of their Social Media Accounts?

In the summer of 2013, the Senate passed Bill 5211, which prohibits employers from demanding the social media passwords to their employees’ or prospective employees’ accounts. Employers are also no longer allowed to demand that their employees accept friend requests, or to look over their shoulders at their posts (“shoulder-surfing”). This law comes as a

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New York Times Cyber-Attack Reminds Data Centers of Security Importance

The New York Times’ website,, experienced a 90-minute outage on August 14, 2013. Originally, the New York Times reported that the problem was with one of their servers, caused by a failure during a regular maintenance check. Two weeks later, the well-renowned newspaper admitted that an “external malicious attack” was really the root of

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Amazon Cloud Data Center Goes Down, Demonstrates Disaster Plan Need

On Sunday, August 25, 2013, one of Amazon Cloud’s data centers experienced performance issues, causing Instagram and Vine to go down. The failure lasted almost an hour, affecting other sites as well: Netflix, Airbnb, and also suffered, but with fewer issues. The finger is being pointed at a Northern Virginia data center, which experienced

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BlueHost, HostMonster, and HostGator Down, Customers Suffer from Lack of Reliability

On Friday, August 2, 2013, the data center of Endurance International Group located in Provo, Utah, experienced technical difficulties resulting in many of their customers’ websites going down. Endurance International Group is the parent company of hosting providers BlueHost, HostMonster, HostGator, and JustHost. COO Ron DeSalvia attributed the problem to a hardware failure. For Endurance

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