Cyber Security is an Evolving Animal

Cyber security is a hot topic these days. And honestly? We don’t see it cooling down much. Maybe it’ll go to a simmer for a while, but it will never go back to the lackadaisical approach so many took in the early days. No one can afford to take that approach. Maybe in the past it was about getting to the end of the run, crossing the finish line and thinking, “Ok we are secure now!” It isn’t like that anymore. This is a run you run for the rest of your life.

Experts have been using words like “broken”, “threats”, “failing” when it comes to describing cyber security. And it is true that the race to stay on top of cyber security is often lost. So why are traditional cyber security approaches failing? It is because cyber threats are run by voracious predators that never sleep. Not only are they nocturnal but they are at the forefront of technological advances. And as such, cyber security has to evolve in order to survive. Cyber space is one of the most dynamic, changing environments out there. The normal natural course that evolution usually takes? That is way too long to apply here. In order to stay secure, your cyber security approach has to be one of progression. It needs to be a dynamic approach that can fluctuate based off of the environmental changes.

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