Dynamic Lock: New Free Security Feature Auto-Locks your Computer!

Windows 10 has some great features, and one of them can help you be more secure at your workstation or desk! Read on to learn about Dynamic Lock, a new feature that automatically locks your computer when you’re away.

What is the hardest part of secure? Staying secure. When you put a computer and a human together, there is a lot left to be desired. Computers aren’t always very intuitive, and can’t really think for themselves (though AI technology is coming a long way). Not many humans are as methodical and compliant as computers are. Here is an example:

A computer stays awake and ready while you use it. When you walk away from your desk, sometimes you forget to lock the screen. Even if you’re away for just 3 minutes, that’s enough time for someone else to slip in and steal data, or plant a virus. The computer doesn’t know that you’re away from the desk.

How can these problems be solved? Well, Windows 10 now has a great feature called Dynamic Lock, which allows you to pair your phone with your computer via Bluetooth, and automatically locks your computer screen when your phone disconnects or moves out of range. It’s a great option for anyone who needs to be compliant with HIPAA or PCI specifications.

How does it work? Dynamic lock functions by pairing your phone with your laptop or desktop computer. (You do need to have a PC with built-in Bluetooth or a USB Bluetooth adapter.) When you pair your smartphone with your PC, all you need to do is activate the Dynamic Lock feature.

Heres how to activate it:

  • First, connect your phone to your computer via Bluetooth. Go to Settings > Devices > Bluetooth & other devices. Turn on Bluetooth on your phone, and search for the computer, and add the device on your computer when it becomes available.
  • Go to Settings > Accounts and then tap Sign-in options in the left panel.
  • Scroll way down to the Dynamic Lock section and check the box for Allow Windows to detect when you’re away and automatically lock the device.
  • That’s it! Your Dynamic Lock is ready to go.

There are some pros and cons to the feature. For example, your computer will stay unlocked until your phone is out of range, and then stay unlocked for 30 seconds after that. If you use your computer during that 30 seconds, then nothing happens. Someone could sneak on in that 30 seconds and use it, but if you forget to lock your computer, it could help your data stay protected anytime after that.

This can be a great tool for anyone trying to add more security to their desktop. It works with any Bluetooth device, so you could use your phone, or your activity tracker, like a Fitbit. You can also use the lock with any phone, not just Windows phones. Android and iOS are compatible with Dynamic Lock.

Here’s what Paul Thurrot, a known tech blog writer, said about Dynamic Lock:

“Dynamic Lock can be useful as a safety net, kicking in to lock your PC should you forget, perhaps when you run out of your office after receiving an email about free pizza in the conference room.”

Are you a Mac User? That’s OK because there are some third-party apps that you can download on your Mac and your iPhone that do the same thing. Check out the blog tomorrow for a report of the Mac/iPhone app, Near Lock, which does the same thing as Windows’ Dynamic Lock.