Fibernet Corp. Completes Yearly PCI DSS and SOC 1 Type II Certification

Fibernet Corp. maintains PCI and SOC 1 security requirements above industry standards.

Orem, UT Fibernet Corp., local colocation and Internet Service Provider since 1994, has recently passed attestation of our Payment Card Industry (PCI) security standards. It also received SSAE16 SOC 1 Type II certification. Fibernet Corp. undergoes security tests every year to ensure the safety of our customers’ credit and debit card information. The attestation awarded to Fibernet Corp. from Cadence Assurance, a third party accounting firm based in Salt Lake City who assisted in last year’s certification.

All data centers must complete the certification requirements of PCI security. Regulations involve the human resources training programs, restriction of personnel who have physical access to the data center, and protection against environmental hazards. Fibernet Corp. has completed SOC 1 Type II certification, which requires demonstrable compliance to the standards for an entire year; Type I certification only requires compliance at the time at the time of attestation.

Fibernet CFO Lee Livingston said, “We are always proud to be able to demonstrate this level of commitment to our customers and their financial security. Fibernet Corp. goes above and beyond industry standards in every aspect of our business, as our Type II certification shows.”

Fibernet Corp became the first data center in Utah awarded PCI certification in April of 2009. Worldwide, it is one of the first businesses to become an approved service provider by the credit card industry.

For more information on Fibernet’s data center, click here.

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