Fibernet Corp. Extends Service to Thousands of Heritage/HIT Web Design Customers After HIT Closes its Doors

Fibernet Corp., Heritage/HIT’s long-time hosting provider, assists thousands of HIT customers after the Provo-based web design company officially closed its doors on March 8, 2011.

Orem, UT Fibernet Corp., a prominent leader in customizable Colocation and Managed Dedicated Hosting since 1994, discovered on Tuesday, March 8, 2011, that its client, Heritage Web Solutions (also known as HIT Web Design), a reseller of Fibernet’s hosting services, had gone out of business.

As Heritage/HIT’s approximate 30,000 customers remain hosted on Fibernet Corp.’s servers, Fibernet has confirmed that it has no intention of shutting down Heritage/HIT customers and is committed to finding long-term, quality hosting solutions for each customer. Fibernet staff has rushed to find solutions for clientele who wish to keep their hosting through Fibernet, assisting in their transition from Heritage/HIT customers to Fibernet hosting clients.

Following Heritage/HIT’s announcement, and in light of Fibernet’s quick response to the event, questions have arisen concerning the nature of Fibernet’s relationship to the web design company.

Mr. Lee Livingston, CFO of Fibernet Corp., responded to the speculation, stating, “We hope to make it clear that Fibernet has not acquired Heritage Web Solutions or entered into any purchasing agreement with the company. Heritage was both a client and a reseller of our hosting services, and as we have provided the company with hosting for the past several years, Fibernet is simply in the best position to help its customers keep their websites live by remaining on our servers as Fibernet clients.”

Heritage/HIT customers are invited to visit for more information.

Mr. Livingston concluded by saying, “We have specialized in a full range of hosting services for over sixteen years and we are confident that Heritage’s customers will find tremendous value in the hosting solutions we can offer them.”

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