Fibernet Corp Offices Affected by Storm, Data Center Untouched

Utah County experienced flash flooding on Saturday evening, causing power outages, evacuations, mudslides, and street flooding. Several residential homes were flooded, with some reporting up to three feet of water. The BYU-Texas football game in Provo was also delayed two hours.

The National Weather Service reports that 0.75 inches of rain fell in 15 minutes.

Fibernet Corp. was not immune to the heavy rainfall. Water seeped into the office buildings of Fibernet Corp, soaking the carpet. The grounds outside experienced a few inches of flooding as well. The power went out in the building, forcing the employees who had gathered for a company party to eat in the dark.

However, Fibernet Corp’s data center remained problem-free throughout the whole storm. Thanks to backup generators, Fibernet Corp continued its record of never having a catastrophic downtime event. Customers continued to enjoy the reliability and uptime for which Fibernet Corp is known.

Had an emergency occurred, Fibernet Corp would have been prepared. Fibernet Corp knows the importance of having a disaster recovery plan, including keeping multiple onsite replacement parts. With a technical staff on location 24/7/365, Fibernet Corp can guarantee dependability beyond tier 4 industry standards.


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