Fibernet Corp. Will Not Shut Down HIT Servers, Responds to Claims

Following the March 8th closure of Heritage/HIT Web Design, Fibernet Corp., Heritage/HIT’s longtime hosting provider, has confirmed that it will keep HIT’s servers live for its customers.

Orem, UT Fibernet Corp., a principal provider of customizable Colocation and Managed Dedicated Hosting since 1994, extended its hosting services to HIT clients immediately following the unexpected closure of its longtime client, Heritage/HIT Web Solutions, a reseller of Fibernet’s hosting services, on Tuesday, March 8, 2011.

The most recent estimates have placed HIT’s customer base at approximately 15,000 and Fibernet has since confirmed its intention to keep those customers live.

“We are in constant communication with Heritage clients who wish to keep their hosting through Fibernet and we’re in the process of transitioning those clients to our customer base,” responded Fibernet CEO, Lane Livingston. “We have no intention of shutting off these customers and any claims to the contrary are entirely false.”

In response to claims that Fibernet’s data center is not equipped to handle the load, Mr. Livingston said, “Because Heritage was a reseller of our services, all of its customers are already on our servers. Keeping them here as Fibernet clients is merely a clerical issue that involves switching them over to our client base instead of Heritage’s, and nothing more. We are fully equipped to provide the highest quality hosting to each client.”

Fibernet’s CEO also reiterated that it has not acquired Heritage/HIT Web Design. As HIT’s longtime hosting provider, it is merely in the best position to assist HIT’s customers.

“Like us, many of these customers are still reeling from the news of last Tuesday,” said Mr. Livingston. “We’re not about to leave them in the dark when we’re in a position to help them. In addition to keeping them live, we’re also getting them in touch with preferred web design providers to complete or start the design services they may have purchased from Heritage.”

Heritage/HIT customers are invited to visit for more information and to access a list of Preferred Providers.

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