Fibernet Customers Experience Zero Downtime After Lightning Strikes Data Center

Lightning storm sweeps over Utah Valley on Monday, April 25th, striking Fibernet’s Orem-based data center. No downtime is experienced.

OREM, UT The lightning storm that swept suddenly over Utah Valley on Monday evening was a potential outage risk for local Internet Service Provider, Fibernet Corp., but after lightning struck its Orem data center, its failsafe contingency measures successfully protected its customers from damage and subsequent downtime.

Fibernet Corp., a prominent leader in customizable Colocation and Managed Dedicated Hosting since 1994, operates a state-of-the-art data center located in Orem, Utah. On Monday, precisely at 5:32PM MST, lightning struck the area, causing minimal damage to Fibernet’s outside hardware and minor electrical malfunctions. Fibernet’s customers, however, experienced zero downtime as a result of the strike.

Lane Livingston, CEO of Fibernet Corp. commented, “We’ve often used our Redundant Power Systems as a marketing tool to assure current and potential customers of our commitment to uninterrupted uptime. A lightning strike at a data center has the potential to cause catastrophic damages, including lost data and indefinite downtime until servers are replaced or repaired. It is tremendously satisfying to experience a potentially disastrous event like a lightning strike and emerge practically unscathed.”

Through careful contingency planning, the damage to Fibernet’s external hardware was repaired within an hour after the event, as spare parts were stored onsite. All systems effectively maintained normal operations, allowing Fibernet’s internal data center facilities to function without interruption.

Mr. Livingston added, “Because we have the appropriate contingency planning in place, as well as state-of-the-art lightning protection systems built into our facilities, our customers can feel safe knowing that their data is protected from all forms of disaster.”

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