Fibernet, Mayor Curtis, LionHeart, Attend Beehive Startups Event

This past Wednesday, the 19th, we had the privilege of sponsoring the November edition of Beehive Startups’ Startup Conversation Series, held at BYU. The turnout was incredible, with over 300 attendees filling the seats to hear presentations from LionHeart (a local medical app startup), Provo City Mayor John Curtis, and an all-star panel of local startup reps.

After a half hour for dinner and networking, our own Sales Manager Bridger Harrison kicked off the event, announcing that all 222,754 calories of pizza Fibernet ordered for the event had disappeared in 15 minutes flat! He then introduced Fibernet’s hosting services, which are tailored for startups and companies of every size and stage of development. OverWatch, specifically, our proactive system management service, was created to accelerate SaaS products, a huge industry in today’s technology world. The majority of startups these days are focused on creating and delivering Software as a Service, or apps, to the market.

One of these startups, LionHeart, was present at the event to share their inspiring story and product. Founder Tammy Bower presented on her product, a health management platform that solves the complexities of caregiving, providing caregivers with an intuitive way to track vital signs of the patient, manage medical info, and coordinate with other caregivers.

Afterward, Mayor Curtis shared remarks about Utah’s impressive and growing place in the business world, followed by a world-class panel that included Sid Krommenhoek of startup investment firm Peak Ventures; Ryan Caldwell CEO of MX, which used to be MoneyDesktop, the banking software company; and David Blake, CEO of Degreed, an organizational app that allows students and professionals to keep a detailed digital record of their learning career to share with whoever they want, including degrees obtained, books read, conferences attended, etc.

The event ended with a Q&A and networking. We also held a drawing for a Google Chromecast and recently contacted the winner. Congrats Chase Passey from Interiors West, LLC!

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