Fibernet Offers Free Hosting to DevMountain Graduates

Last night, Thursday December 4th, Fibernet’s sales team was thrilled to participate in DevMountain’s Fall 2014 Demo Night, held in downtown Salt Lake City. The event showcased the skills and accomplishments of the graduates of DevMountain’s most recent twelve-week-long coding course, providing their introduction to the community and companies who are seeking professionals with their exclusive skillset.

Demo Night consists of a brief presentation by DevMountain that covers the achievements of the attending 80+ graduates, followed by an hour and a half of networking and appetizers. As part of the course, coding students have created a class portfolio that showcases their work and progress, which will be available for other attendees to review during networking.

Fibernet opened the night with a few words of congratulations and extended a special offer for graduates: free virtual hosting accounts. Fibernet is committed to the growth and development of Utah County’s technology scene with the understanding that by supporting and networking with our peers in such a fast-paced, competitive industry, we serve to strengthen the combined influence of Utah’s technological presence on a national, even global scale.

Congratulations, graduates! You will be receiving an email with directions on how to apply for your free hosting!