Fibernet Technical Services

The Fibernet Technical Services Department -otherwise known as Support – serves as an umbrella of the Fibernet corporate structure. This means that the Technical Services Department is a composed of several smaller departments that cover the various sections of services, products, and responsibilities we oversee.

A brief list of responsibilities for the Fibernet Technical Services Department includes:

  • The creation of services and products for customers.
  • (broadband, hosting, colocation, cyber security services, etc.)
  • The creation of internal documentation and training for Fibernet staff use.
  • The maintenance of network infrastructure and facilities.
  • The creation of customer facing documentation for products and services.
  • Overseeing proper staffing of the various departments under the Support umbrella to cover customers’ needs with live/phone/chat/email support.
  • Supporting and coordinating with the Sales departments’ efforts by offering sales/technical consulting and assistance/training.
  • Building relationships by positioning sub-departments to perform custom services, consulting, and billable support hours for the customer.

The Fibernet Technical Services Department places customer service above everything else and takes the time to prepare their associates for any and all circumstances. With this in mind, The Fibernet Technical Services Department has continual goals to improve and strive to become better as a company.

The list below serves as a general focus of what our goals are:

  • Increase product services’ polish and completeness.
    • Review existing services for correctness and completion.
    • Move existing legacy products that we continue to sell into the new product admin model.
    • Review services as we move them to the new products to make sure features are complete and supported.
    • Implement tools for monitoring, testing, and automation of service creation/status/management.
    • Training and testing on existing products as they are completed under the new product model.
  • Improve Service Offerings with attractive and innovative features.
    • Adding bundled services (low cost or free add-ons and partner offers).
    • Making an overall better user experience with graphs and stats.
    • Improving efficiency in account sign-up, setup, and support.
    • Increase quality and reliability by improving monitoring systems, notification, and after-hours staff.
  • Improve technical staff skills and capability.
    • Improved training for all services and platforms we support.
    • Certify employee skills and awareness/knowledge for supported systems and services.
    • Implement training and testing to cover internal systems, procedures, and policies.

We hope this provides a clear understanding of the Fibernet Technical Services Department overall and, as a customer, what you should expect e-mailing, chatting into, or giving us a call. If you questions or concerns about our Fibernet Technical Services Department, please e-mail Get a quote today!