Fibernet to Engage with Cadence Group for SAS70 Certification

Fibernet Corporation, Utah’s finest Colocation and Internet Service Provider, teams up with Cadence Group to perform annual SAS70 audits and reviews.

Orem, UT Fibernet Corporation, Utah's finest Colocation and Internet Service Provider, has teamed up with Salt Lake City's advisory and compliance specialists, The Cadence Group, to collaboratively enhance its existing security protocols.

In April of this year, Fibernet achieved PCI DSS certification for its Colocation Data Center, becoming the first PCI compliant data center in Utah and one of the nation's forerunners in the cause of globally standardized security measures for service organizations. Fibernet is committed to maintaining this notable status by engaging with The Cadence Group to subject its processes to ongoing SAS70 audits and reviews, an effort that will serve to reaffirm its clients' faith in the company's consistently stable foundation.

As the PCI standard sweeps the globe, professionals like Fibernet CFO, Lee Livingston, take into account the recurring need to adapt their everyday practices in an evolving field.

"Staying on top of these issues is of the highest importance," said Mr. Livingston. "As always, Fibernet strives to lead our industry in achieving those valuable certifications that remind our customers they've placed their trust with the right company."

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