Fibernet’s $1.5 Million Upgrade Helps It To Stay Environmentally Friendly

Fibernet makes $1.5 million upgrade to save natural resources and reduce costs.

Orem, Utah Fibernet Corporation, a leading Internet Service Provider, has taken another step in becoming an environmentally-friendly company. Installing their third Uninterrupted Power Source (UPS) to their Class A Data Center. This purchase through the world's leading large-scale UPS manufacturer, Emerson Network Power/Liebert. The Flywheel system offers significant energy efficiency, and is a viable alternative to battery-operated systems for power backup.

This is just one of many steps that Fibernet has taken to become more environmentally-friendly. Since building their Data Center in 2002, Fibernet has implemented many effective green initiatives. Already in place are censored and florescent lighting, as well as a cooling system which maintains an ambient temperature on average of 5 degrees or warmer.

"When we began building the Data Center in 2002, we took great care in the design and implementation of effective power systems. Our focus was on reducing the power consumption of a typical data center," said Lee Livingston CFO of Fibernet Corporation. "Utilizing energy efficient systems has made it possible for Fibernet to offer the added value of completely redundant systems at a cost that is still competitive in the marketplace."

In the near future, Fibernet plans to implement ENERGY STAR compliant servers, as well as solar panels for renewable solar energy.

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