Foursquare’s Small Business Promotion Feature Could Jumpstart Your Local Business

Establishing a Foursquare presence for your physical business premises can help you to be more visible on the Internet, especially if customers are taking photos with Instagram and geotagging them with Foursquare. But Foursquare is now testing an even more useful feature that will enable small businesses to advertise and promote themselves on Foursquare when a user is in a certain geographic area.

Much like Facebook sells ad space for business promotions, Foursquare is test driving a feature that allows small businesses to pay to promote their locations, images of their food/premises, and special offers when a user is nearby. While Foursquare currently displays the businesses located near a user when they open the application, purchasing promotional space will definitely give businesses an advantage, especially if they spend their money wisely.

Foursquare is currently allowing a handful of New York merchants test out this feature in order to establish if it works. It has let larger businesses and brands promote in this way, but this current testing is to potentially allow the same features for smaller businesses. As Foursquare has more than 25 million users, this feature can really add to its social media marketing utility, and increase the competition bigger brands have for ad space and online reach.

If you aren’t currently on Foursquare and want to know what the application has to offer your business, find out how Foursquare can make you a local business authority and get customers to your physical location.


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