Google Fiber is Coming to Provo – What You Need to Know

In May of 2013, Mayor John Curtis and the City of Provo made an exciting announcement: Google Fiber bought the outdated iProvo fiber-optic network. Provo will be the third city for which Google Fiber has provided access to free, fast Internet, but the first to already have a fiber-optic network in place. Work on updating the network has already begun, and Google Fiber plans to bring Internet access to all of Provo’s 30,000 homes starting in late 2013.


  • Google Fiber has agreed to bear the entire cost of updating the decade-old fiber-optic network.
  • Residents will receive basic Internet for free starting sometime in late 2013, along with the assurance that their Internet services will remain free for seven years.
  • Internet is promised to be 100 times faster than any of Google Fiber’s competition.
  • If Google Fiber carries over the same quality of their Kansas City network, customer service will be superb.
  • Provo Mayor John Curtis sees huge potential for Google Fiber, and has stated his desire to eventually be able to control traffic lights and read parking meters using the service.
  • Google Fiber has also generously offered to give 25 nonprofit institutions free services, as well as covering the entire school district in Provo.


  • Google Fiber has announced Internet and TV plans for residents, but services for small businesses are still in the works.
  • Even after Google Fiber does extend its services to small businesses, the company has announced that they have no intentions of ever providing Internet services to businesses with over 25 employees, or those classified as medium to large.
  • None of Google Fiber’s customers will be permitted to host their own servers.
  • At this time, Google Fiber does not offer static IP addresses, though it has hopes to do so in the future. Dynamic IP addresses are offered.


Residents – What to Expect

Construction for the fiber-optic network has already started. Google Fiber plans to convert each household, one neighborhood at a time. So all you need to do is sit tight until Google Fiber contacts you. Then you can choose whether or not you want to accept one of Google Fiber’s three Internet and TV plans. The most basic Internet (without TV) will be free for seven years, but you will be asked to pay a $30 installation fee. Part of this does require installing new hardware in your home. Those living in apartment complexes should discuss the change with their landlords. Google Fiber hopes to bring Internet to you sometime in later 2013.


Businesses – What to Expect

The switch to Google Fiber from Veracity will be a gradual one, so businesses have some time to evaluate their options. However, Google Fiber will not be included in that list. Businesses need to find a new Internet service provider or a data center to house their servers. Although Google Fiber has not given an exact time frame, the transition may be a temporary one for small businesses.

Owners running their business from home will be able to do so through a residential plan, though they will not be able to host their own server and will have to wait for a static IP address. Their options are either to adjust the way their business functions so that it still runs smoothly without a server and on a dynamic IP address, or to find a new Internet service provider and data center.

Understandably, Google Fiber is a hot topic among Provo residents and business owners. These are some pretty significant developments and we know you have more questions. We’ve done a large part of the snooping for you, but feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments. Hopefully, we can fill in some of the blanks and paint a clearer picture of what to expect.


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