Imunify360’s 6 Security Features that You Need Today

Imunify360 by CloudLinux is a new security product offered by Fibernet. It’s 6 security features will provide a broad and robust security platform for your web server. Check out its incredible features!

CloudLinux is the #1 OS for web hosting. They offer incredible features that make it easier than ever to safely and easily maintain a profitable server with incredible security features. Now they created the “Ultimate Security” tool for web servers. It’s called Imunify360, and it makes it easier than ever to maintain web server security.

It all starts with their Centralized Incident Management dashboard. It’s available directly on the control panel (cPanel or Plesk, others coming soon), so it’s easily accessible. At a glance, you can check out the state of your server and manage all security aspects. It’s updated every 60 seconds, so you’re always up to date. You can filter and select event based on “various parameters, review the details of those incidents, access whitelist and blacklist management features, view settings and reports, and much more.”

It has 6 layers of security made to cover all the bases. Check them out:

Advanced Firewall

Using herd immunity and artificial intelligence, Imunify360’s Advanced Firewall is capable of protecting servers against brute force attacks, DDoS attacks, and unwanted port scans. It integrates mod_security web applications to improve its capability. It also uses an advanced Captcha system is also integrated to make sure that bots and false positives don’t reach your site.


Imunify360 has an Intrusion Detection System/ Intrusion Protection System (IDS/IPS) that includes a comprehensive collection of policy rules that quickly block all known attacks. Anything with commonality to a well-known exploit will be stopped as soon as it starts. The IDS scans log files, blocks malicious IPs due to password failures and potential exploits, and more.

Malware Detection

“Over 68% of hosting providers say that malware infection is a top issue for their customers’ web servers.” That means that chances are, you have or will have that problem. Take care of it with Imunify360 Malware Scanning. It automatically scans all file systems for anything that is malware-infected and quarantines those files.


“Imunify360 uses AI to learn what is and is not OK for your web applications to do and can create safety sandboxes around your applications.” Sandboxing is like a mini virtual server that allows testing of software and applications without negatively affecting the rest of the server. Now you can have these same useful features without having to pay the big bucks for others to do it for you.

Patch Management

Updating programs is so important to cyber security, but sometimes a required program isn’t updated to be compatible with other, newer applications, or vice versa. With Imunify360, you get Rebootless Secure Kernel, which automatically patches kernels without having to reboot the server. Patch checks run every 4 hours, so you always have the latest. Beyond kernel care, HardenedPHP is a component that patches PHP, so customers can run any version without leaving gaping holes ready to be exploited.

Reputation Management

If your site or any of your IPs are blacklisted, Imunify360 can help with its Reputation Management application. It monitors Google blacklists and notifies you when any of your domains or IPs are listed.


Imunify360 is supported on CloudLinux, CentOS, and RHEL, and will soon be supported on Ubuntu and Debian. Integrate it with cPanel or Plesk. It will soon be compatible with DirectAdmin, ISPmanager, and control panel-free servers. It’s available today with Fibernet. Call today or fill out the quote box below to see how you can secure your server today!