MUST READ: What You Need to Know About the Shellshock Hack

The existence of Shellshock hack (AKA the Bash Bug), was first made public on Wednesday, the 24th, and is being dubbed the most serious security flaw since Heartbleed first made waves back in April. The Common Vulnerability Scoring System rated Heartbleed at a 5 in a 10 point scoring system, while Shellshock was given a 10.

Why is Shellshock so serious?

Shellshock gives hackers full access to the Bash shell command line interface of any Unix-based operating system, putting any system running Linux and Mac OS at risk. After commandeering the command line, a hacker can then install programs and run commands with the owner’s knowledge or consent.

Who is affected?

Any system running Linux or Mac OS is potentially at risk.

What can you do to protect yourself and your system?

If this is your system, it’s highly advised that you take immediate action to patch it now and fix the Bash shell vulnerability. Protecting yourself will require manually installing this patch.

Install the patch yourself or give us a call.

This is an external issue affecting millions of Unix-based system worldwide, and is not exclusive to Fibernet customers. However, we are available to provide as much assistance as necessary to help you protect yourself and your systems from this serious vulnerability.

Follow this link for simple instructions on how to do it yourself.


Start a chat or give us a call at 801.223.9939! Our support team is available to provide additional information on Shellshock as well as repair your Unix-based system’s potential vulnerability. Standard support fees will apply.

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