OverWatch Debuted at The Startup Dojo This Week

The Startup Dojo is a co-working space for progressive-thinking startups to converge and do business. Every other week, they host a luncheon to showcase relevant technologies or strategies in the area to give professionals the chance to network and learn more about their available business-building options.

This week our CEO, Lane Livingston, got the chance to debut our managed service product OverWatch™ to an intimate audience of app developers, engineers, student entrepreneurs, programmers, and non-profit startups. The industries represented ranged from hi-tech baby monitors to venture mentoring firms, each entrepreneur looking for ways to create, perfect, and deliver high-functioning applications and products.

Lane presents on OverWatch


Managed services is a general need for anyone in this industry, especially for startups looking to develop and release applications on a schedule. Providers like Rackspace and Amazon are excellent options for some, Lane pointed out, but neither provider is going to be involved in a startup’s success like Fibernet is with the OverWatch product.

There was a vacant space in the managed service industry, which OverWatch fills by being actively engaged in the coordination of a proven DevOps philosophy—an efficiency-centric synchronicity between development and operations. It’s with this philosophy that IT businesses can run fluid, agile organizations that foster an environment of innovation and productivity.

The specific concern that all SaaS companies have, which Lane acknowledged as well, is keeping up with the unpredictability of a SaaS product post-deployment. A scalable environment is absolutely critical as the fluctuating demand is going to put a lot of pressure on the backend infrastructure.

As Lane’s presentation explained, one of the main reasons startups fail has to do with underdeveloped, underperforming applications. OverWatch equips these companies with the tools to accelerate SaaS development and performance.

What’s your main area for concern with delivering your SaaS product?

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