OverWatch in Action: The XO Logic Experience

OverWatch in Action
Accelerating SaaS. Stimulating business.

The XO Logic Experience
When business is booming, how do you keep up? XO Logic turned to OverWatch.

The Business
XO Logic revolutionized the lighting industry with a powerfully efficient SaaS product that dynamically tracks and updates product inventory and pricing trends. Designed specifically for lighting showroom owners, xoLights™ allows vendors to display their wares in the most aesthetic, intuitive, and effectual way possible and has resulted in increased sales and profits across the board.

The Problem
Business was too good! And while that may be a great problem to have, XO Logic’s server setup couldn’t keep up with the load. Downtime, site lag, and other failures were a constant issue and all the progress they’d gained as a company was in jeopardy.

A structured growth plan was in critical order, but lacking access to an elite team of SaaS-trained sysadmins to help them through their growing pains, the dilemma only intensified.

The Solution
XO Logic’s needs were very clear. They needed an infrastructure that would allow for fluid scalability, provide redundancy in hardware, power, and security, and ultimately eliminate their downtime issues. After bringing on a new CTO, the growing company decided to look into a managed service solution. The solution was OverWatch.

OverWatch equips companies with a Dedicated System Engineer, a senior level sysadmin who acts as their go-to support rep and single point of contact for their systems. A Dedicated System Engineer takes the concept of managed services beyond the expected and into the realm of proactive system management, which is precisely what XO Logic needed to diagnose, treat, and then prevent the issues that were crippling their growth.

XO Logic’s Dedicated System Engineer architected an infrastructure that addressed each of their pain points. The result was a privatized cloud environment that replaced their costly, unreliable multi-server setup with a streamlined infrastructure designed specifically for scalability and redundancy.

The Outcome
Load times for XO Logic’s vendor sites saw as much as a 92% improvement in speed and reliability immediately after the transition to the new environment, but their renewed competitive leverage didn’t end there.

For a SaaS company, XO Logic’s powerful, streamlined new infrastructure provided a stable environment in which to better run, test, and perfect their application, allowing them to continue developing and delivering a competitive, profit-generating product.