Pinterest as a Conversion Tool—How to Harness its Power

If you’ve been prepping to launch a Pinterest strategy for your business, now’s the perfect time to get on board.

Eighteen months ago, when Pinterest first introduced business accounts, organizations just like yours finally got the chance to harness the incredibly addictive (and lucrative) power of Pinterest for their bottom line. Over that time period, researchers and online stores discovered that buyers who had been referred from Pinterest spent 70% more than buyers who had found their sites from other locations.

Previously on this blog, we’ve discussed how to stand out in the crowd of 50 million other Pinterest users; now, with Pinterest releasing shiny new tools for businesses, we’re passing on the word to you Pinterest novices and gurus alike.

What’s New on Pinterest for Businesses?

Pinterest is working to expand its appeal and applicability in the business world, and these two new updates are proof of that.

  • Do-it-yourself Promoted Pins. Keeping in line with the DIY culture that is Pinterest, the famed site updated its Promoted Pins feature to include a DIY option for all businesses to harness the advantage of promoted pins on their own (much like promoted tweets on Twitter). Now businesses can manage and monitor their paid campaigns at
  • Improved Analytics. In response to user requests for more detailed reporting, Pinterest has added features to its analytics that will provide information on what your visitors are pinning from your website, how well your pins are performing, and which pins and boards are collecting the most click, repins, and impressions. Additionally, you’ll be able to see how engagement with your pins is doing across different platforms. This can be found at

Pinterest Success Stories

On the Pinterest blog post announcing these new updates, Pinterest shared three stories of companies that have successfully harnessed the power of its site to boost conversion and turn a profit. The three industries represented by these companies are:

  • Custom printing – Artifact Uprising shares photo and print ideas with the slogan “off your device, into your life,” encouraging its customers to get creative with their mobile device photos and put them on something tangible. A single viral pin sent them hurtling toward colossal success.
  • Food – Food52 posts pictures and recipes and enjoys the bulk of their referral traffic from Pinterest.
  • Clothing – Vineyard Vines takes customer requests through Pinterest. Its following is vocal enough that the company brought back an out of stock belt due to the demand it received through Pinterest.

Open Your Pinterest Business Account

Haven’t opened a Pinterest business account yet? Don’t know if your industry is a good fit? Well, get creative. How can your business and industry be represented in a visually appealing way on Pinterest? Some industries are harder to translate than others, but with enough creativity, there is always a way to win repins for your brand.

What is the most creative use of Pinterest that you’ve experienced or observed through your own business or another’s?