Provo, Orem Ranked Highest in Well-Being

For the second year in a row, the Provo-Orem area in Utah County has been rated by Gallops-Healthways as having the highest overall well-being in the country. Provo and Orem were also in the top ten cities for having the highest rate of job satisfaction and feeling safe walking around at night.

The 2013 rankings of Provo and Orem were gleaned from interviews of over 500,000 people. Interviewees were asked about their emotional and physical health, job satisfaction, community safety, and access to food, shelter, and healthcare. Gallops-Healthways has conducted this survey for the past 6 years.

USA Today reports that Provo has also appeared high in other surveys for optimism. The survey also found that Provo and Orem has one of the lowest smoking rates in the country, with only 7% of the population smoking.

Provo and Orem’s happiness levels might have something to do with Utah being one of the fastest growing places for business in the country. Forbes reported Utah as the #1 state to do business in for 2012, with Provo being the 14th best city. The Forbes article praising Provo cited BYU’s growing status as one of the reasons why the city is doing so well. Being one of the youngest states in the country with a median age of 29 years old doesn’t hurt either.

One reason for Utah’s booming business growth has been the inception of the “Silicon Slopes.” This nickname for the mid-state area refers to the burgeoning tech industry in the region. The Wasatch Front is the new home for many large tech companies, including Adobe, Intel/Micron, Qualtrics, and IM Flash. Google Fiber is expanding its services in Provo, and Salt Lake City could be next.

Fibernet Corp. is proud to contribute to the growing tech industry in Utah, as well as the job satisfaction of its employees residing in Provo and Orem. Our hosting company is celebrating 20 years of contributing to Utah County’s enviable economy this year.


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