Routine Hygiene Scans…For Your Site


The Threats.

It seems like every day some new vulnerability is showing up and getting in the way of business. DDoS attacks, ransomware, data breaches, election hacks…the cyber threats keep coming! You might find yourself asking, How do you cope with this? How do you stay on top of the constant threat of cyber crime, that only seems to be growing exponentially?

There is always the old and convenient stand-by of running to the closet, climbing into the darkest corner, and shutting yourself up tight. NO ONE can get you in there, right? Wrong. Because look down – you’re tightly clutching your cell phone. You didn’t even realize you had it in your hand, did you?

You can’t run from the growing cyber threats, anymore than you can run away from your brain. And whether you built your website out of straw, sticks, or bricks, the Big Bad Wolf of the internet will always come a-howling at your port.

The good news? There is a beautiful and elegant solution. A solution that provides a way to monitor your site and environment easily and quickly.

The Nessus Scan.

A critical step in the monitoring of any system is regular external scanning of all resources. The Nessus scan allows for scheduled monitoring of any network accessible resource. It uses the very latest and most up to date security monitoring platform available.

Nessus Remote Vulnerability Scan.

The Nessus Remote Scan is an external vulnerability scanning software hosted offsite. It remotely scans all external-facing ports and searches for any communication with botnet-infected systems, or potential exploits from outside sources. The exploits used in the WannaCry ransomware attacks, for example, could have been easily discovered with a Nessus Remote Scan. A single host starts at $24.95.

Nessus Agent Vulnerability Scan.

Unlike the Remote scan, the Nessus Agent Scan is installed directly on the host, so that you can scan internally the software of the host. This allows for the discovery of malware, viruses, infected software, backdoor implants, and other potential vulnerabilities. Within your own server, you can scan for anything that might cause an issue, or worse, in the future.  Pricing starts at $24.95 for 1 host.

Which One Is Better?

Between the two, the Nessus Agent is not a different version of the Nessus Remote, and it isn’t a more advanced, or enterprise edition. The Remote scanner works externally, scanning the host from other sources, and the Agent scans the host’s internal software. One can’t replace the other, but they can work in conjunction to create a complete vulnerability scanner. With both, more vulnerabilities are able to be found and then fixed promptly, instead of waiting for your PCI or compliance audit. The reports are still integrated into the customer backroom or can be easily downloaded in the same format from the software, with the same easy-to-read features and color-coded risk levels.


As security becomes a higher priority, Fibernet has the tools to keep you one step ahead of the threats. We would love to discuss your environment with you, and how we can create a secure solution for you and your team.

Stay safe out there in the cyber world!