Storm Ravages Utah County, Fibernet Corp Data Center Unharmed

Fibernet Corp’s data center was unaffected by the flooding that damaged much of Utah County.

Orem, UT On the evening of Saturday, September 7, 2013, 0.75 inches of rain fell in 15 minutes in Utah County. Communities in Utah County experienced flooding, mudslides, power outages, and evacuations. Some residents reported up to three feet of water in their homes.

Many Orem businesses and neighborhoods were similarly affected. Roads were deemed unsafe as intersections and parking lots filled with water, and tree branches fell in the way of vehicles. One such Orem business was Fibernet Corp. When Fibernet Corp employees gathered to have their annual company party, they found an office park engulfed in rainwater, with more seeping in the office buildings. The power went out in the buildings, forcing the employees to eat in the dark.

Despite damage done to the office section of the buildings, Fibernet Corp’s data center remained unaffected. When the power went out, backup generators picked up the slack, ensuring continuity.

For Fibernet Corp, 99.999% uptime is standard.

“Thanks to our contingency plans, including onsite spare parts, Fibernet Corp can guarantee reliability beyond what our industry expects of us,” said Fibernet CEO Lane Livingston. “We’re committed to giving our customers the best possible service. Weathering storms without any downtime is part of that commitment.”

For more information on how Fibernet Corp was affected by Saturday’s storm, visit the company’s blog.

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