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Fibernet’s Managed Services

According to one study, 70% of small and medium-sized businesses experience cyber attacks. Unfortunately, most small and medium-sized businesses can’t afford to hire a team of System Administrators to look after their data framework. There is another option than paying for an expensive team of administrators: Fibernet Managed Services. Let Fibernet experts support your IT

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How Smart Devices Are Actually Dumb

We call them “smart” devices but when it comes to hackability they are rather dumb. Smart gadgets are great for making our lives more convenient but they aren’t great for cybersecurity. “[Internet of Things (IoT)] devices are more vulnerable to cyberattacks than traditional tech because they often lack the processing power needed to run even

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Blue Leaks: The Largest Published Hack of American Law Enforcement Agencies

Anger towards the police has boiled over into another form of attack on the men in blue – a cyber attack. Files from hundreds of police departments throughout the United States were released online in an epic breach called the “Blue Leaks”. “With this volume of material, there are bound to be compromises of sensitive

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How to Secure Your Data While Working From Home

The doors are locked securely, security cameras are in place, and intruders are warned of a dog on guard. You wouldn’t allow thieves to enter your home without a fight, why would you let cyber attackers access your sensitive information through your computer? Many employees now working from home due to coronavirus find their data

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