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10 Tips Utah Natives Need to Know Before Going to the Sundance Film Festival

This weekend marks the beginning of the Sundance film festival in 2014, an event that all native Utahans should try at least once. However, the festival isn’t what it used to be – gone are the days when Park City residents could see celebrities on the street and ask for a picture or autograph. Instead

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12 Tips to Keep Your Commute and Workplace Safe During Snowy Conditions

It’s that time of year again, and with it brings snow storms a plenty. And while many of us enjoy frolicking in the snow or sipping hot chocolate next to a warm fire, inclement weather makes for some very dangerous conditions. Nothing is worse than having to go out into the storm, whether for school,

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7 Ideas for Local Business Holiday Marketing

With Halloween over and the cold weather upon us, the holiday season is here. Retail companies are clearly taking advantage of their customers’ enthusiasm for Thanksgiving and Christmas – but how can your local business utilize the holidays? Here are a few suggestions for using the winter holidays to help grow your brand recognition and

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