Top 3 Reasons to do Business in Utah County

Utah has long been one of the premier locations for business in the nation. Not only does the state have incredible vistas and vacation spots, it has also topped Forbes’ ranking as the top state for business three years running. In their rankings, Forbes reveals that Utah has one of the lowest tax rates, the youngest work force, and the most bilingual work force. Even energy costs are 29% below the national average.

Even more specifically, Utah County has continually been a top destination for new businesses, and has seen consistent growth for well-established firms. Here are the top 3 reasons why you should take your business to Utah County to ensure a profitable future:

#1. Current and Future Opportunity

Utah County has proven to be fertile soil for new business growth, as Provo ranked first in the nation for business and jobs. With Brigham Young University’s climate of innovation, as well as Utah Valley University’s increasing growth and rising reputation, Utah County is poised for future growth in the business sector.

#2. Top Advertising Spots

Orem, specifically along University Parkway, provides one of the best workplaces in the nation. In fact, visibility and advertising opportunities make this well-travelled road a great location for any business. For example, just a few years ago, UVU decided to sell the naming rights to their event center, formerly bearing the name David O. McKay. University president Mathew Holland commented, “It is, and will be, the most prominent university naming opportunity in the state, in terms of visibility to the greater public.” Over 150,000 cars pass by daily on Interstate 15. Similar high-visibility advertising opportunities are plentiful.

#3. Ideal Customer Demographics

The University Mall provides another example of why Utah County, and especially Orem, is one of the top business locations in the nation. The massive shopping center has become the largest retail hub in the area, serving Utah County’s more than 500,000 residents. The average customer for the University Mall is aged 28, has 3.81 people in their household, and is college educated. This customer fits the ideal demographic for most businesses: young, with large families, and higher than average income due to a college education.

The Time Is Right

The next step is to find an office space that will be right for you and your clients. We offer beautiful office suites located just off University Parkway for easy access to one of the busiest business hubs in the state. Utah County is not only a fun and beautiful place to live, but also is a top destination for future business growth.

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