Top 3 Security Breaches

Let’s countdown the 3 reasons 2017 was the Year of the Breach  (and we’re not talking Pacific Rim!) The Top 3 Security Breaches of 2017!

3. Internet of Things

More and more of our everyday items are becoming web accessible. We saw the hack of kid toys, refrigerators, and TVs. In 2017 Cloud Pets released a teddy bear with such vulnerabilities that all the customer’s data was able to be stolen.

As more and more web-connected items are being built (many times minus security features) these items will become a bigger and bigger target for cyber crimes.

Keep your children close, and their toys even closer!

2. Ransomware (WannaCry)

Ransomware is generally malware that holds a computer or program hostage until you pay a ransom. The most common attack vector is email. WannaCry was a very high publicity ransomware in 2017 that managed to travel automatically between computers and did some serious damage.

1. Phishing Schemes

A local Utah company lost $450,000 due to one phishing email in 2017! It would’ve been nice if they could’ve blocked that before it came.

Fact: The number of phishing emails keeps rising, with over half of emails predicted to be spam. There is 4x more spam going out than there was last year, and that number keeps going up.

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