Upgrades to Fibernet’s Data Center Take Green Initiative to New Level

Fibernet spurs efforts to go green by expounding on existing energy-efficient measures.

Orem, UT Fibernet Corporation, one of Utah's foremost Colocation and Internet Service Providers, has announced plans to implement additional "green" upgrades to its existing energy-saving procedures in an ongoing effort to increase the overall efficiency of its facilities and reduce its carbon footprint.

Included in these plans is an upgrade to its Hot and Cold aisle configuration, the latest technological innovation of Hot aisle containment, which will potentially improve Fibernet's cooling efficiency by as much as 60%, according to industry experts such as Wrightline. Also in the works are modifications to Fibernet's existing cooling system, which will not only increase energy efficiency, but enhance system redundancy, an imperative feature in a data center.

Fibernet's previous upgrades have included the installation of high-efficiency fluorescent lighting equipped with occupancy sensors that activate only as needed to minimize waste; cutting-edge UPS systems by manufacturer Emerson Network Power Company and Liebert Corporation, which eliminate the toxic waste created by older, battery-operated models and use much less power to maintain a charge; as well as top of the line Carrier and Liebert Cooling systems that not only deliver more efficient cooling for the data center, but also take advantage of the temperature during the colder periods of the year.

While the monetary advantages of these upgrades are often evident on the electric bill, Fibernet's CFO, Lee Livingston, asserts that the financial perks are not the only advantage worthy of consideration.

"In the end, we're doing our part to reduce our carbon footprint," said Mr. Livingston, "and decrease our impact on the environment in a significant way. As we continue to adopt more methods to conserve energy, we hope to see even greater results in the future."

The Fibernet data center, a Class A facility built in 2002, was constructed with a dedicated appreciation for value and efficiency, ideals that easily translate into "green," climate-targeted initiatives.

"The focus during construction was on reducing the power consumption of the typical data center," said Mr. Livingston. "And we continue to be very intent on exploring new and efficient technologies as they emerge, like the possible installation of solar panels, for example, and a solution that uses the heat produced by the data center to heat the rest of the building in the winter."

Mr. Livingston projects that these and other innovative upgrades may be implemented into the Fibernet infrastructure in the coming year.

Media contact: John Rampton (801)223-9939, jrampton@fiber.net

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