Utah-Based Companies Fibernet Corp. and Red Olive Announce Partnership

As of March 7, 2013 Fibernet Corp. and Red Olive have announced the formation of a new business partnership.

Orem, UT Fibernet Corp., a recognized leader in customizable colocation, dedicated hosting, and professional virtual hosting, has formed a partnership with design and marketing company Red Olive.

In a move to provide its customers with industry leading hosting services and 24×7 support, Red Olive has begun to migrate all of its clients’ hosting accounts to servers within Fibernet’s in-house Class A data center. Red Olive stated in a notice to its customers, “Partnering with a leader in the hosting industry that is better equipped to handle our clients’ hosting needs will allow us to focus more on what we do best which is Design, Development and Marketing.”

Fibernet will provide 24×7 support while also maintaining all prices that Red Olive offered to its hosting customers. All accounts will be migrated automatically, and Red Olive customers will have access to unlimited storage, higher capacity email accounts, integrated SSL ordering, and control over backup and restore operations.

“We are excited to bring our nearly 20 years’ of hosting expertise to the table in our new partnership with Red Olive,” informed Fibernet CFO Lee Livingston. “With our newly formed partnership, we will both be able to focus on what we do best.”

The transition to Fibernet’s servers began on February 27th and is scheduled to take place over the following 90 days. Little to no downtime is anticipated for migrated accounts.

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