Utah Companies Host Largest Online Election Ever

NetHosting, a subsidiary of Fibernet, hosts largest mock online presidential election for students.

Orem, Utah November 3 and 4, 850,000 K-6 grade elementary students from all 50 states participated in the largest mock online, presidential election. The election was sponsored by Studies Weekly®, one of the leading elementary school curriculum companies, and hosted by Nethosting.com, a leading Internet hosting and Managed Services company.

Participating schools were required to pre-register for the mock election and received their secure access code by mail. For those schools who registered a week or more before the election, the students received "I Voted" stickers to wear once they cast their vote. Overseen by school faculty and administered via the Internet, each school was required to use a voting code to ensure that only Kindergarten thru Sixth grade students had voting access. Monday and Tuesday of this week, participating schools logged on and allowed their students to cast their vote between the presidential candidates. Results were refreshed every 10 minutes throughout both days. Students, as well as the public were able to view the results listed by state by visiting www.studiesweeklyvote.com/vote/report.php.

"We were thrilled to offer this opportunity to America's elementary students," said Ed Rickers, CEO of Studies Weekly®. "This student election is unique compared to past elections because a record amount of students participated. Also, the results were available to the students and public in real-time. The voting process for these elementary students imitated the real election, allowing students to see the importance of casting their votes."

"Nethosting.com was happy to be a part of this student election," said Lane Livingston, CEO and founder of Nethosting.com. "As the hosting company for this nationwide election, we ensured that we were ready for the online voting to occur. Our servers were configured to easily handle the votes of millions of students within an 8-hour period. We had our reliable team of experts monitoring and working diligently to support the increase of online traffic."

The election was sponsored by American Legacy Publishing, the producer of Studies Weekly® publications. American Legacy Publishing sponsored this election as an effort to provide their student subscribers with a rich civics experience that mirrors the real election as closely as possible.
About Studies Weekly®:
Studies Weekly® publications are like textbooks in newspaper and magazine format. The first Studies Weekly® publication was published in 1984. Since then, 77 publications have been developed. Guided by state standards, the publications cover social studies and science curriculum for grades K-6 in 50 states. Studies Weekly® publications are created and distributed exclusively by American Legacy Publishing, Inc. Offices in Lindon, UT. More Information: www.studiesweekly.comor contact Ed Rickers (801-787-5460, edr@studiesweekly.com).

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