UVU Expo Report: The Best from the Big Business and Technology Expo

Each year, UVU hosts the Big Business and Technology Expo. Dozens of companies reserve booths, tout new wares, and work to build new relationships with other business-minded leaders in Utah Valley. The expo attracted a wide variety of industries including banking, real estate, Internet marketing, design, and even payment processing.

With giveaways ranging from squirt guns to limo rides, most companies offered fun giveaways to attract visitors to their booths. With the most common being a Price-is-Right style Plinko game, there were also spinning wheels of prizes and even a free massage!

In case you couldn’t make it, we’ll fill you in on some of our favorite booths we found at the expo!

One of our favorites was a leatherworking company called Rustico. Their unique display (leatherworking among tech companies helped set them apart) drew our attention, and ultimately led us to spend a few minutes with them. Their website offers a wide variety of high quality leather products, ranging from iPhone cases to fly-fishing log books.

Another display that drew us in was Infogenix, a Utah-based web design company. Their sharp design and crisp images help set them apart from the other design companies at the expo. After visiting their website, it quickly became clear that they produce high quality work.

Last but not least, we thought one of the more interesting services being advertised was from a company called Invent-A-Part. They work with Rapid Prototyping, which means that an inventor can send them a blueprint, and they’ll create a working prototype. They create parts up to 3’x2’x3’ and is quite inexpensive.

As usual, we had our own display (including a spinning wheel of prizes!) and were able to meet some great members of the local business scene. All in all, it was a very fun and productive week, and Utah County is well-served by having so many innovative companies. We’re already looking forward to next year’s expo and planning what we can do to better serve our clients!

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