What Does Humanity Want? Cyber Security Professionals. When Does It Want Them? NOW.


Now would be nice, but in reality we (we being humanity as a whole) wanted them yesterday. As technology solidifies itself deeper and deeper into society and culture, it creates intense opportunities for businesses and individuals alike. Along with that comes intense opportunities for the flip side of the coin – cyber criminals.

In 2015 there were over 112 million healthcare breaches.

In 2016, the cybercriminal ‘Peace’ stole 167 million accounts from LinkedIn.

In 2017, the Utah state government  reported to getting around 900 million cyber attacks a day!

The numbers keep going up, and unlike the stock market (or crypto) they are not likely to crash (unless it is your computer we are talking about).

The demand and opportunity for cyber security professionals will only keep rising. As we all become increasingly reliant on technology, for all aspects of our lives, the importance of having an expert in the field handy will only increase. Keep your enemies close, but in this case, your cyber security experts closer!




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