What is Redundancy?

Businesses and website owners hosting in a data center rely on the dependability of that data center. In fact, that’s one of the main reasons why businesses chose to use data centers over storing their own information: data centers are more consistent, ensuring the constant availability of their websites.

How does a data center guarantee reliability? Through redundancy. When data centers say that they are redundant, what they mean is that they have multiples of critical components that can replace current parts in case of an emergency or outage. Because data centers are subject to natural disasters, power outages, hardware failures, and other issues, redundancy is vital.

With ensured dependability, data centers can promise excellent availability and uptime. Without redundancy, unexpected disasters can cause websites to go down. Thousands of dollars in revenue will be lost when customers cannot access a business’s websites.

In order to secure the availability of websites, Fibernet Corp’s data center has precautions beyond industry standards. We have on-site replacement parts, allowing us to correct any failures immediately. Fibernet Corp’s staff is prepared for any type of emergency. Because of our enthusiastic precautions, we can guarantee 99.999% reliability and uptime.