Utah Colocation

Why Utah for Colocation?

Utah is where most of the top data archive companies host their data, edging out Las Vegas, Denver and Phoenix as the preferred low cost, disaster safe colocation site selection. Even the NSA selected Utah as the site for its massive 1,000,000 sq. ft. Utah Data Center.

The low cost of power enables world-class data centers in Utah to offer high value colocation at a price significantly less than popular metro areas, and the disaster safe geography makes Utah ideal to limit service disruption.

Additionally, Utah is on the crossroads of internet connectivity from Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles to the East Coast. For those who know, Utah is a very ideal place for data center colocation.

Fibernet’s Salt Lake City Metro Data Center Facility

Fibernet built its own data center facility in 2002 just south of Salt Lake City. The Orem data center is ideal for colocation in Utah because of it’s great selection of on-net network carriers, ease of accessibility, close proximity to a hot tech startup market and the advantages that come with having a data center in utah.

Disaster Risk Profile

Void of major natural disasters, Utah is ideally located in a low disaster risk geographic region. Historically Utah doesn’t register any hurricanes or ice storms, and there is very little risk of flooding, tornadoes and earthquakes. It’s hard to imagine a more disaster safe region than Utah.

Being located in the Rocky Mountains the principle natural disaster threat is that of earthquakes. But the frequency is nothing compared to California and the severity of destruction is low. For instance, the major fault lines in Utah spread apart as opposed to rubbing together (San Andreas fault) or against each other (Himalaya Mountains). So even when there is an earthquake, the damage threat is low.

Carrier Network Connectivity

Utah has a legacy of exceptional Internet connectivity dating back to 1969 when three computers in California were connected to a computer in Utah and the Internet predecessor ARPANET was born. Fast forward to today and Utah is on the crossroads of major East-West Internet connectivity. All of the major fiber providers and network carriers go through Utah, where their paths follow the freeways which split three directions at Salt Lake City and go toward Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles. As one of Utah’s oldest data center providers, Fibernet is highly connected to major network carrier providers and highly available with diverse paths; offering all of the network and bandwidth you could ever need.

Fibernet Connectivity

Fibernet has a data center facility in Utah which is one of the most connected facilities in the state and includes on-net carrier network providers such as: XO, CenturyLink, Integra, Hurricane Electric, Utopia, Verizon and Comcast.

On-net carrier providers

Availability / Accessibility

Critical to any colocation facility is the accessibility to the data center and the built in power and network redundancies.

Network Redundancy

Uptime is critical for a data center provider, and there is no one better at it than Fibernet. Rest assured that your upstream network is monitored by experts who have gained credentials and years of experience solving and preventing network disruption and ensuring high availability.  Fibernet’s network is redundant logically as well as physically redundant with diverse fiber paths into the building.

Facility Accessibility

Utah’s SLC airport is #1 in the nation in on-time arrivals, ensuring  that you can get to your hardware when you need to be there from out of state. Fibernet’s Orem data center is located just off a main freeway exit and is a quick drive from the SLC airport.

Power Grid

Utah’s power costs are some of the lowest in the nation, and with Rocky Mountain Power as the main power provider, rest assured that the power supply is ample and generated from diverse methods including coal, solar and wind energy development.

Why Do Business in Utah?

Utah has a friendly business environment with a strong tech startup sector and available supply of expert tech talent.

Data Center Site Selection Preferred Location

Join the growing number of companies choosing to host their data infrastructure in Utah. Among them are many of the archival and data backup providers, large tech companies, startups and companies of all sizes just looking to reduce hosting costs and lower their disaster risk profile.

Great Business environment

Utah is among the top states in the nation to do business. The state unemployment is among the lowest in the nation and the available tech talent is fueled by two major universities just 40 miles apart. Companies can rest assured that their business will thrive if located in Utah.

Abundant Local Tech Talent

Colocation is easy in Utah because of all of the local tech talent available to employ whether hired directly or through a managed service provider. Fibernet has their own technical staff available to assist with expert IT services and solutions should you need assistance with managing your data infrastructure.