Business UTOPIA Services


Fast and Reliable Broadband

UTOPIA Fiber offers businesses of all sizes fast and reliable broadband internet through a fiber-optic broadband network, connecting businesses to the world all throughout Utah. To find out if there is UTOPIA Fiber in your area, contact us at 801-223-9939.

Utopia Cities: Brigham City, Centerville, Layton, Lindon, Midvale, Morgan City, Murray, Orem, Payson, Perry, Tremonton, West Valley City, and Woodland Hills.


  • Upload and download speeds up to 10 GB available
  • 24-hour support team 
  • Free 16 IP Subnet
  • Reverse DNS for IPs and Subnets
  • Active Fiber optics for private connections


  • UTOPIA Fiber is completely scalable to fit your business needs, with speeds from 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps.
  • UTOPIA Fiber is connected directly to your business, meaning better performance and reliability versus a shared network
  • No data loss when transferring data over long distances
  • You can use UTOPIA to connect multiple locations or as a redundant backup connection. You can also directly connect your office to Fibernet’s data center. 

Active Vs. Passive Fiber Optics

A common misconception when considering different Fiber-optic cabling options is the difference between passive and active optical networks. To confront one misconception head-on: passive does not mean asymmetrical.

Passive networks are fiber-optic strands that are shared by portions of the network. A passive connection only needs two power sources, one at each end, to pass signals across the connection. While passive connections are more efficient, users of passive networks share strands (up to 32 users on a strand–and many broadband companies over saturate their connections), leading to slower speeds at peak times for all who share the connection, despite individual plans.

Active networks use switching equipment to direct and manage signals. This allows for better management of traffic levels. With active networks, users can have dedicated fiber running to their businesses and homes, and fewer users share equipment. UTOPIA only uses active optical networks to provide its customers with the fastest speeds available. 

For more information about Utopia and their Services please call us at 801-223-9939.