Are you a shared hosting provider? You need CloudLinux OS to keep your server and customers secure.

Hosting Providers know how important security is. One small customer can affect many, especially one with malicious intent. Keep your shared hosting customers safe with CloudLinux. Its security features separate all end users and don’t let them see or communicate with each other. With robust security features and customizability geared for efficiency and profitability, you’ll never see more success than with CloudLinux. your customers are encapsulated in their own virtualized environment, they each can safely use a different version of PHP, Ruby, and Python, and they are all restricted to only accessing safe files. Sounds too good to be true? It’s not, It’s simply the future of shared hosting, and it’s available now at Fibernet.

“We’ve been really stable selling shared hosting and CloudLinux did it for us! It was like magic!”

Ahmad Mukoshy, GigaLayer


LVE Manager

CloudLinux’s LVE Manager gives you full control over your environment, including CPU, IO, memory, number of processes, and concurrent connections per user. This lets you manage what your customers get. Give the good customers what they need, limit the bad ones, upsell, and instantly give them what they need.

MySQL Governor

MySQL is one of the biggest problem creators for a shared server. Solve them all with MySQL Governor. It monitors usage, throttles abusers, and improves overall stability and performance.


CageFS is CloudLinux’s proprietary method of encapsulation. It prevents your shared customers from seeing each other’s data, especially protecting sensitive information. With CageFS, users can only access files that are secure and cannot detect other users or even their names on the server. Apache config files? Hidden forever. Unique processing file system? Comes in the bag.


There are a lot of versions of PHP, and unfortunately, each version has a lot of flaws. HardenedPHP takes care of those flaws, patching vulnerabilities and securing older versions, even unsupported ones. Do you want to use 5.4, 7.0, 4.4, or 5.1? It’s taken care of.


This works on a kernel level to bring you the best in security technology. It works to prevent all known symbolic link (symlink) attacks, further enhancing the cyber security of the shared server. It works hand in hand with CageFS to provide a broad spectrum of security layers for you and your customers.

PHP Selector

Beyond just fixing and maintaining multiple versions of PHP, CloudLinux allows users to choose between any PHP version to use. You can select between 8 different versions, all patched and secure. You can also choose from more than 120 PHP extensions. Control is in the hands of the end user.

Ruby Selector

Just like the PHP Selector, this allows the end user to choose from a variety of Ruby versions (1.8, 1.9, 2.0, 2.1). It also allows for the installation of additional modules/gems to application environments. If you don’t want your customers to see it, as an administrator you can hide it from the user interface.

Python Selector

You wouldn’t think that this many unique features could be found in a simple shared hosting platform, but with CloudLinux, you can select different versions of Python with the Python Selector. Choose from alt-python27 2.7.9, alt-python33 3.3.2, or alt-python34 3.4.


Welcome to the fastest and most reliable way to serve up PHP pages. It’s proven to be faster than any other way to serve PHP with Apache. It doesn’t have stability issues like PHP FPM or others, and is fully compatible with multiple versions of PHP, thanks to the PHP Selector tool.


CloudLinux is compatible with all major control panels. Offer the best without sacrificing stability. It’s compatible with cPanel, Plesk, LiteSpeed, DirectAdmin, ISPmanager, and Webmin.

You can provide your customers the ease and security of incredibly efficient shared hosting while benefitting from amazing profitability at the same time. Try CloudLinux OS for only $10 per server per month. Fill out the form below or call today for a quote! 800.305.6995