It takes time and resources to change the credentials of a single employee. Those very same changes are made in 4 seconds with JumpCloud.


The tasks below can be serviced in seconds rather than at a snail’s pace previously. 

For example:

  • Add or Remove Users Across All Servers/VM/Devices
  • Edit User Access Privileges Across All Servers/VM/Devices
  • Control Company Devices, Regardless of OS
  • Create a Single Sign-On
  • Utilize Integrated Multi-Factor Authentication


Introducing JumpCloud – your Directory-as-a-Service. With all the perks of an AD or LDAP server, it manages all your infrastructure, including the cloud and all devices (even employees’ devices) with a useful interface. If you are looking for a convenient alternative to manage your infrastructure securely, then consider JumpCloud which starts at just $10 per month.

User access and management can prove challenging for administrators to administer. Employee growth means more users, more user creation, more unique privileges, and more work setting up the users on every part of the infrastructure and network. Inversely, when employees are terminated, removal of their credentials from every part of the network is also required. It’s a slow and tedious process. One unsatisfactory solution, to these tasks, has been to create a single user account for a particular group with a shared username and password. These shared credentials, which seem like a quick solution for the administration task, are in effect a serious security risk for the organization. There is no accountability or traceability as to which user is actually logged on the network at any given time.


Fortunately, Fibernet now offers an ingenious solution: JumpCloud is your Directory-as-a-Service in the cloud. It allows you to control users and access privileges from a single point, for all your infrastructure. You can easily add new, remove old, change, and edit, user profiles, and privileges. It is also possible to integrate many other products and services into the infrastructure. You can easily map your directory and secure it with multi-factor authentication and create group access with unique credentials for each user.


Making personnel changes? JumpCloud makes it a breeze to manage all users and their privileges.


“JumpCloud is and will continue to be a game-changer for identity management”

-Damany Harden


The core of JumpCloud is directory management, meaning a database that maps users to all parts of the infrastructure and areas of the network. It’s secure and easily integrates with your infrastructure.


The core of JumpCloud is directory management and is a database that maps users within all parts of the infrastructure and areas of the network. It’s secure and effortlessly integrates with your infrastructure.


User Management

You can finally purge the universal-used, unsecured user accounts — each user can have a unique account with distinct login credentials for the different segments of your system. Users can be exported and imported from anywhere and easily maintained all from one location.


Device Management

Different systems and devices can hinder the efficacy of any company and decrease the available administrative management control by network administrators. Now, it doesn’t matter if you use Windows, Mac, or Linux, all access can be centrally controlled and maintained through JumpCloud.


Group Management

JumpCloud offers an intuitive interface that allows administrators to manage their network service requests. Each user can now have their individual credentials while administrators still have maintenance of grouping-control of resources.


Application Single Sign-On

The individual user accounts will allow a single sign-on service. All of the assigned internal applications can be accessed by the user with a single authentication point. It’s secure, yet much more convenient than continuously logging in and out of multiple required applications.


Multi-Factor Authentication

To increase the security, and ensure user login information isn’t misused, multi-factor authentication is available and customizable. Whether you use a token that generates a random number sequence or a passcode sent to a user’s phone, you can ensure the security of each user’s login.


Third-Party Integration

Many businesses are using cloud-based applications for content creation and management, including e-mail to mention a few. JumpCloud offers integration with Microsoft Office 365, Google G Suite, LDAP, and many others.


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