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Premier Managed IT Services

Only 14% of businesses rate their ability to mitigate cyber risk as adequate. Many companies lack the resources to hire a team of System Administrators to maintain their infrastructure. Fibernet provides expert support to IT Managers, DevOps, Sys Admins, Network Engineers, and cyber security analysts, as a means to augment their efforts. Outsourced support becomes your IT infrastructure management team, taking care of you in a coordinated effort so that you can focus on aspects of your business that move the company forward.

Fibernet’s OverWatch Premium Support

Proactive and Coordinated Support

Let Fibernet help manage your data infrastructure and provide proactive and coordinated support. Fibernet’s OverWatch premier support will manage some or all of your data infrastructure, freeing up your time to work on other projects. OverWatch can help with installing patches, software updates, security risk mitigation, or anything else that could be offloaded to an industry expert with years of experience and industry certifications.

Cyber Security Experts

Fibernet not only offers unparalleled IaaS but also offers credentialed professionals to build and maintain robust cyber security for your business. Not only can they help build and maintain secure infrastructure management, but can also proactively manage your security. Regular full system audits include vulnerability scans, compliance adherence, as well as basic and advanced software updating. Our professional Dedicated Experts are available 24/7 to perform firewall installation and management, port shutdown or redirection, anti-viral services, and much more. Get a free quote to see how much more secure you could be today!

Monitoring Everything That Matters

Fibernet uses advanced technologies to bring real-time alerts and monitoring to your fingertips. We’ll provide you with real-time data and metrics of your environment so you can see exactly what is happening on your servers as they happen. Not only do we monitor and fix any and all issues that arise, but we give you the visibility to watch us do it.

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Support Services: Expert Support When You Need It

Fibernet’s Support and Managed Services are renowned for their helpful and expert assistance. Through several levels of support and packages, you can pick and choose an affordable alternative to hiring full or part-time IT staff to get the right support solution for your business needs.

Fibernet’s managed IT services team has breadth and depth in a variety of technologies and solutions. Team members have passed and studied for industry standard certifications relating to their support responsibilities. Rest assured that Fibernet’s Managed IT Services team uses industry best practices to implement their support services.

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Customer Testimonial

“The support I have been receiving from Fibernet is of the highest quality I have experienced in my 20+ years in the website development and hosting industry. They are very responsive and helpful and have made my job managing a technically challenging website easier than I thought it would be, given the level of support I have dealt with in the past. Thank you!” – Bill Gebhard,

OverWatch Premiere Managed IT Services