Managed IT Services

What is SaaS Acceleration?

Your software as a service product takes a special kind of TLC. In order to deliver the best possible experience to your clients, you need a provider who is prepared to equip your SaaS product with the infrastructure and expertise it needs to excel at top speeds.

We don’t just host SaaS companies; our support system is designed to accelerate your SaaS product to perform at peak capacity.

Introducing OverWatch

So how do we do it? SaaS acceleration isn’t possible without high-level sysadmin support, a type of support that goes beyond your basic managed services product. Luckily, high-level, one-of-a-kind support is exactly what we offer with OverWatch. It’s proactive system management without the expense of an in-house sysadmin team.

We’ll Take It From Here

As a business owner, every day is an opportunity to improve and expand your company. And you’ve learned quickly that every hour spent doing anything else is an opportunity lost. So stop babysitting your servers! OverWatch frees you from the burden of managing your own data and lets you get back to business.

What else will OverWatch do for you? It slashes the cost of high-level sysadmin support, which can run upwards of $80K a year if you’re hiring an admin for your in-house staff. Nix the overhead, the administrative costs, and every other expense that comes with adding to your personnel.

For roughly 78% less than you’d spend on your own full-time system admin, lease decades of expertise to leverage for your business.

Why OverWatch?

OverWatch is fulfilled by a designated team. I’ve personally selected each member of this specialized team for their skill set and expertise. Only the best made the cut.

-Troy Stephens, Technical Operations Manager

Your business is growing, and so is the data that keeps it running. It’s time to hand over the reins, and here’s why:

Do you really have the time to monitor your network 24/7? No, you don’t. But we do.

You’re not willing to accept the risk of managing your systems on your own.
That’s why you’re here.

Network architecting, hardware and software configuration, ’round-the-clock, proactive system monitoring-that’s not in your job description, but it’s in ours. Leave it all to us and get back to what you really want to do.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find more affordable access to the industry expertise you need to confidently design, secure, and manage your company’s systems.

What We Do

Performance Monitoring

With performance monitoring, we’re the sentinels for your data. Using standard and advanced monitoring probes, we keep a constant eye on your vital systems. The probes fire off instant alerts to the managed service team the moment an event occurs. Fully customizable and expertly configured, performance monitoring is a pivotal piece of the complete package.

Dedicated System Engineer

OverWatch lets you bypass the queues for direct, immediate support from your very own designated expert. This expert, your Dedicated System Engineer, will monitor, maintain, and support your account 24/7, granting you instant access to high-level support whenever you need it.

White Glove & Level 3 Support

This is what you came for: elite, expert support. From the heavy-lifting to the specialized task of administering to your unique systems, the OverWatch team does it all. Setting up, monitoring, and managing your servers was never more painless or secure.

Is overwatch for you

OverWatch is guaranteed to cut costs for any growing company, whether it’s through maximizing server efficiency or by erasing the need for expensive in-house personnel. But as an elite service, OverWatch may be a premature purchase for certain companies, especially those still comfortable in a shared hosting environment. For everyone else, it’s well overdue.

If any of these scenarios resemble your company’s situation, you’re the perfect candidate for OverWatch:

  • You or any of your employees are regularly taking time away from your real
    responsibilities to perform system maintenance on your website, email, or

    If your workers are doing anything other than their real jobs, you’re wasting resources and putting your systems at risk in the process.
  • As your user base has grown, your application has become sluggish or unreliable.
    As your business grows, it’s not always easy for your systems to keep pace. Outsource your platform headaches to us, and we’ll accelerate your performance.
  • You’re outgrowing your current setup and uncertain of how to expand the right way.
    So you don’t know where to begin laying the groundwork for your growth? No problem. We’re experts at engineering complex, custom solutions suited precisely to your needs.
  • Your developers are saying you need better servers or more hardware.
    We provide third-party diagnostics to identify, isolate, and correct system flaws. New hardware may not even be necessary. We’ll show you how to maximize what you have.
  • Your in-house system administrator often has nothing to do.
    The cost of OverWatch is roughly 78% less than the average sysadmin’s salary. You’re also paying only for the time and services you need as opposed to paying the wage of a full-time employee. It’s clear which option is the best use of your dollar.