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Fake WordPress Security Advisory Pushes Backdoor Plugin

WordPress administrators are being emailed fake WordPress security advisories for a fictitious vulnerability tracked as CVE-2023-45124 to infect sites with a malicious plugin. The campaign has been caught and reported by WordPress security experts at Wordfence and PatchStack, who published alerts on their sites to raise awareness. Fake WordPress update The emails pretend to be […]

Police Dismantle Ransomware Group Behind Attacks in 71 Countries

In cooperation with Europol and Eurojust, law enforcement agencies from seven nations have arrested in Ukraine the core members of a ransomware group linked to attacks against organizations in 71 countries. The cybercriminals paralyzed major corporations’ operations in attacks using ransomware such as LockerGoga, MegaCortex, HIVE, and Dharma. “After remaining undetected in the compromised systems, […]

Microsoft Shares Temp Fix for Outlook Crashes When Sending Emails

Today, Microsoft shared a temporary fix for a known issue causing Outlook Desktop to crash when sending emails from Outlook.com accounts. This confirms customer reports regarding crashing issues when using Outlook.com accounts shared on Microsoft’s community website and other social networks since last Monday, November 20. According to online reports, restarting, repairing Outlook, reinstalling the […]

Microsoft Leaks 38TB of Private Data Via Unsecured Azure Storage

The Microsoft AI research division accidentally leaked dozens of terabytes of sensitive data starting in July 2020 while contributing open-source AI learning models to a public GitHub repository. Almost three years later, this was discovered by cloud security firm Wiz whose security researchers found that a Microsoft employee inadvertently shared the URL for a misconfigured Azure […]

Utah Ranked Third Safest State for Natural Disasters

Choosing colocation service providers means knowing the propensity of natural disasters where data centers are located. Fortunately for Utah Fibernet seekers, this state is ranked by WalletHub as the third safest in the nation. (For those interested, Utah is also the second safest state for “workplace safety” and fourth safest for “driving safety.”) Knowing how […]

Quiz: Are You Ready for Colocation Services?

Do you think your business might need colocation services, but you’re not quite sure? Do you want to make sure this is the right move for you right now before you start researching local providers and data centers? Maybe you’re not even sure what colocation providers do, but in your quest for a better web […]

Compliances Your Data Center Needs

Colocation provider data centers have to achieve compliance in some instances to “keep things legal.” If you own or manage a company that requires such certifications, you already know which ones are necessary—but are you sure your colocation provider has actually achieved these security levels? From HIPAA to SSAE 16, it’s up to the client […]


Flash Is Dead

As 2020 closed, so did the era of Adobe’s Flash. Adobe will no longer support Flash and has advised its users to uninstall the software entirely. Some say good riddance as Flash had many issues including bugs and security vulnerabilities. Others are concerned about what will happen to the millions of websites that still rely […]


Review of Mark Hughes’s article “5 Lessons We Learned From Our Ransomware Attack”

Xchanging, a subsidiary of DXC based in the UK,  was attacked with ransomware on July 4th, 2020.  Mark Hughes, senior vice president of offerings and strategic partners at DXC Technology, wrote an article in the Harvard Business Review titled “5 Lessons We Learned From Our Ransomware Attack”. Hughes explains that a message was received from […]