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SEO Presentation for the Utah County Association of Realtors

On Wednesday, April 23, 2014, the Utah County Association of Realtors hosted their annual Tech Fair at the Provo City Library. Fibernet sponsored a presentation on the most essential SEO and social media steps that realtors need to take to optimize their web presence, given by our resident SEO expert, Aubrey Moulton. Watch the presentation here:

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How to Use G+, G+ Local, Google Places, and Google Maps to Boost Your Local Business

Small businesses know that local SEO is the best way to attract customers online. But it gets tricky from there, especially with so many experts and consultants recommending different methods. One of the most confusing aspects is that of Google. This comes as no surprise – Google has their fingers in every pie, and distinguishing the

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10 Steps to Help Your Business Dominate Customer Service on Social Media

In the age of social media, customers have now become more comfortable sending their complaints through a tweet or Facebook message than directly contacting your business. This phenomenon is happening both on a large scale and a small one, from corporations to your local business. And it’s fairly easy to see why: customers would rather

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13 Ideas for Creating Interesting Visual Content for Your Online Presence

Visual content has dominated the web for a while, but online marketing experts are predicting an even steeper rise of images in 2014. Any business competing online needs to make graphics a priority – not only are pictures more sharable for your audience, but visual content has a better conversion rate. In fact, blocks of

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The End of Facebook: Myth or Justified Prediction?

For years news sources have been anticipating the end of Facebook. Forbes published an article as early as 2011 predicting that the demise of this social media platform was near, based on the fact that 100,000 British users had deactivated their accounts that month. Weekly World News predicted that the end would come specifically on

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Can Employers Afford to Turn Away Applicants Because of their Social Media Accounts?

In the summer of 2013, the Senate passed Bill 5211, which prohibits employers from demanding the social media passwords to their employees’ or prospective employees’ accounts. Employers are also no longer allowed to demand that their employees accept friend requests, or to look over their shoulders at their posts (“shoulder-surfing”). This law comes as a

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